Bigg Boss Tamil: Week 12 Nominees & Vote Your Favourite Contestant


Bigg Boss Tamil: For the week 12, the nominees for the Bigg Boss Tamil show are Aarav, Harish Kalyan, Snegan and Vaiyapuri. In the week 11, none of the contestants are eliminated as per the request of the audience. But according to the housemates, Suja Varunee was eliminated. But actually, she was not eliminated. She was kept in the separate room near the house by the host Kamal Hasan. He said that she will be returned to the house once she became normal.

In the 78th day of Bigg Boss, Suja Varunee was back to the house. The new captain of the house was Aarav. From today, the task for the contestants will be tough as the show will come to an end within three weeks. Everyone is eagerly waiting to see who will be the title winner of the Bigg Boss Tamil show. There are only two women Bindhu Madhavi and Suja Varunee and five men Snegan, Aarav, Ganesh Venkatram, Harish Kalyan and Vaiyapuri in the house now.

Bigg Boss Aarav

bigg boss Harish Kalyan

In the week 12 none of the girls were nominated. Only four men were nominated. In the Harish Kalyan was the one who was wild card entry contestant and the rest of the contestants Aarav, Snegan and Vaiyapuri are from the beginning of the show. It will be the tough elimination process as all the people nominated are kind hearted and has good soft corner among the audience.

Bigg Boss Snegan

Bigg Boss Vaiyapuri

In this week 12, the tasks for the housemates are expected to be very tough. Only those who are clever calm, intelligent and remains silent can win the title. The task for the week will be conducted daily and the contestant who won many tasks this week can be rewarded anything as they can not be nominated for the rest of the week. Likewise, the Bigg Boss show is expected to be more interesting for the audience. Voting for this starts from today. Vote your favorite contestants and save them from eviction.

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