Casino Hacked using a Smart Thermometer

casino hack

A smart thermometer has been used to hack into a casino. According to a recent publication by the Business Insider, the hackers used a special thermometer to crack the security system of the casino. According to the publication, the owners of the casino uses a water remote that is controlled by a thermometer to adjust or control the temperatures in the casino. The hackers, through what has been termed as miracle and wit managed to get through the security features of this system.

According to Nicole Egan, who is the head of security in the casino, the hackers managed to seize som electronic database of the institution. He termed this as the current developments of the new techniques used by hackers to steal sensitive information in the modern world In other similar news, it has been reported that hackers used a fish tank to hack into a casino. According to a publication by Darktrace, which is a cybersecurity firm, the hackers used a fish tank to try and steal data from the casino.

casino hack

According to the report, the fish tank was connected to Wi-Fi and was equipped with sensors. The sensors were connected to a computer and regulated hygiene, temperature and availability of food in the tank.

According to Justin Fier, who is the chief fish tank and head of cyber intelligence in D the hackers got into the used it to access the other sections of the network. The hackers after accessing the network were then able to access some very sensitive data and information and sent it out. However, Justin Fier could not release the type of the stolen data as well as the name of the casino as he claimed that such information could be detrimental to the security and safety of the casino. Moreover, the report indicated that around ten GB of data was interfered with and sent to a device whose location was said to be in Finland. However, in what seems like a win for the security institutions, a man suspected of robbing a strip casino has been arrested.

The 26-year-old identified as James Cameron Kennedy is said to have carried out the daring robbery in January in a casino in New York City. The man has been charged and according to the law, the man might serve a sentence of up to fifty years if found guilty These are just some of the recent cases of hacking and robbing of these online casinos and gambling institutions  So be aware and use provencasino sites.

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