Cosmetic Colored Eye Contacts – Make Your Eyes Pop & Look Alive

If you’re a contact lens wearer, or just considering making the switch to using contacts from glasses, you may want to actually look at cosmetic colored eye contacts instead of the simple clear every day wear contact lenses. The options are almost endless, but there are so many benefits (which we’re going to cover of course) to wearing colored contact lenses. This guide was meant to help you figure out how to find the right colored contact lenses for you.

What are Cosmetic Contact Lenses?

Colored contact lenses are often available as medically correcting lenses as well; however, you can often choose the same lenses to not have vision-correcting capabilities. These lenses that don’t provide vision correction are considered to be “cosmetic” or they’re also known as “Plano”. No matter what the term that there is for them, you can gain numerous benefits from these lenses.

Are there Any Risks with Colored Contact Lenses?

There are generally no risks associated with contacts, but you need to make sure that you take special care of them. All contact lenses you buy have to be taken care of specially and you have to make sure that they properly fit you, or that the lenses you order are the correct fit for your eyes. Otherwise, you can end up with scratches on your cornea, and even allergic reactions or bacterial infections that can cause conjunctivitis.

You want to make sure that you soak your contacts in a sterile solution and be more careful when you wear contacts as far as personal hygiene is concerned. Always wash your hands before you put your contacts in to keep your contacts from possibly collecting debris on or in them and you’ll be just fine.

What Color Choices Should I Choose?

This depends on the purpose of the cosmetic lenses you’re wanting to purchase. There are some lenses that can enhance your natural eye color by adding a little more shine to them, there are light filtering contacts which can improve color vision, and they’re quite popular in sports. “Party” lenses as they’re called are normally used in theatrical situations, or for certain holidays and events like conventions and Halloween, and they generally change the entire appearance of the eye itself.

One of the most popular types of dramatic lenses has always been known as “blackout” lenses which completely black out your iris, making it look like you simply have humongous pupils, or you have black eyes.


When it comes to finding some of the best color-changing lenses (contact lenses that change the color of your iris altogether, but are not dramatic like theatrical lenses), or even if you’re wanting a subtle change, you can greatly benefit from the lens supply offered by Colored Eye Contacts – Misaki Cosmetics. They’re one of the world’s top cosmetic color contact lens brands, and they provide an entire collection of numerous colors that are popularly warn by millions of people all over the world.

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