English Bulldog Mixed With Pitbull Puppies

There is always a lot of talk about which dog breed is better than another, but sometimes it’s hard to determine if that conversation is really worth its salt.

A few years back, people were talking a lot about how much dogs look like their owners make them seem. Some would even say that a puppy will pick an ugly owner over no owner at all, so why not choose a pooch that looks like you? This has become very popular as there are many pets designed to match their masters’ styles.

Another hot topic is whether or not animal shelters should allow certain breeds to be adopted. Many people feel that only certain breeds can give good homes to other animals, which is totally untrue!

Some may argue that since some breeds have very high rates of health problems, then by adopting one they prove themselves to be bad parents. These theories usually go without any real proof except for personal experience.

History of the English bulldog

The domestic dog is one of the most popular animals in the world. There are over 250 different breeds of dogs, with many being recognized by breed associations like the American Kennel Club (AKC). Almost every major city has at least one dog park where people can let their pooches run around free.

English Bulldogs are a relatively new addition to this list, but they’ve made a big splash since their debut back in 1892. These playful dogs were developed for the entertainment value of chasing everything that moves.

Their breed name comes from England, where these early specimens were seen as bad-ass guard dogs. They would prove themselves worthy adversaries by taking down much larger dogs!

While some individuals may believe that all English bulls make good companions, not everyone is able to enjoy spending time with them due to their dominant nature. This isn’t always a dealbreaker though, because you probably know already that not everyone likes cats.

That said, it’s very important to be aware of your dog’s strengths and weaknesses before agreeing to allow it to meet any other animal.

History of the pitbull

english bulldog mixed with pitbull puppies

The term ‘pit bull’ is not clearly defined, making it difficult to know what breeds fall under that category. Before the 20th century, there was no such thing as a dog breed called a ‘pit bull’.

The word itself comes from an area in England known for its bear baiting events. During these events, people would bait bears by putting dogs into enclosures where the bears were. If a dog tried to attack the bear, then this type of dog was given the name ‘pit-bull’ due to their aggressive nature.

It is important to note that even though some types of pit bulls are bred to be dangerous, this does not mean all are! Some individuals may raise or market a specific line as being more threatening than others, creating a bad reputation for the whole breed.

Many reputable organizations have reevaluated the risk factor of different lines of pit bulls and determined that they are not inherently more likely to harm humans. These include the American Kennel Club (AKC), the UK’s Dog Welfare Committee and many other bodies across Europe and North America.

Combining the two breeds

english bulldog mixed with pitbull puppies

While not every person would be able to handle an English bull dog or pit bull, there are many great opportunities for you as a owner to bring one into your home!

Many people make comparisons between the two breed types due to their similar looks. Both have strong protective instincts and require lots of exercise and training.

However, there are some major differences between the two that need to be considered before bringing either type home. First, remember that these dogs are powerful animals with high needs for activity and attention.

Second, both breeds can suffer from emotional instability so it is important to evaluate whether this is something that will work for you. Ownership should be for those who want a loyal companion that requires careful maintenance and understanding of how to deal with any mood swings.

Inter-species pairings such as mixed breed puppies are always a challenge, but very rewarding if you take the time to understand what you’re getting and learn how to manage the relationship.

Obvious and unexpected results


Many people are curious to know what it looks like when two different breed dogs get into an argument or try to hurt each other. They may also be interested in how this happens naturally, such as between two wolves of the same pack or two lions that clash in the wild.

However, one cannot usually see these situations occur unless you’re there for them. More often than not, dog fights happen without anyone else around to witness them.

Since canine nature is built upon dominance and submission, it is very likely that your puppy will test its strength at some point. This can sometimes result in physical violence towards his/her littermate or another animal.

It is important to prevent this kind of behavior by raising your puppy within a protected environment. A shelter or rescue group might offer socialization classes or lessons on good manners for puppies.

You should always supervise any type of activity outside so that you notice if things go wrong.

Helpful tips for creating a hybrid family

english bulldog mixed with pitbull puppies

Being able to identify potential issues with your new dog is important before bringing him home. If you see symptoms of separation anxiety or aggression, STOP!

You don’t want to bring home a puppy that may need some extra training or time to adjust to other dogs. Or worse, risk being bitten by another animal or having to put down an older dog because he needed to be protected from others.

These are all very serious situations which could have been prevented if people were made aware of any signs in puppies. So, here we go – our top ten list of things to look out for when choosing whether to adopt a dog as a companion or get a dog as a pet!

1) Separation Anxiety

This can sometimes be mistaken for stubbornness but it’s not. A separation anxiety disorder (SAD) is when your dog gets anxious or nervous about leaving his house or escaping the area where he lives. This usually happens due to fear of something outside the home or fears of going somewhere unfamiliar.

He might become agitated or try and hold onto you while trying to stay within the property limits. Sometimes there will be audible cries or whining and/or urination. All this can happen just because they feel lonely or scared!

It’s totally normal for most dogs to feel insecure at times but SADS are more persistent than usual.

Make sure they are well-socialized

english bulldog mixed with pitbull puppies

While there is no reason to avoid mixed breed dogs, it is important to be aware of some potential issues before bringing them home. An experienced dog owner can identify if these puppies will fit into your lifestyle, but you must do your research first!

It is very common for people to give up on owning a mix breed due to concerns about socialization. Many individuals believe that since two different breeds were born, then their instinctual behaviors have already been trained together. This isn’t always the case though.

Breeds with similar instincts often pair up during development, which means that one may or may not learn good behavior later. For example, most dogs want to chase and play, so when a puppy of one breed becomes mature, he/she might look for an opportunity to play instead.

However, this doesn’t mean that the older dog should just accept being chased and tackled all the time. Sometimes, even adult dogs need help understanding what kind of interaction is acceptable.

Monitor their health

english bulldog mixed with pitbull puppies

While it is very common to see dogs with mixed breed traits, there are some types of crosses that are much more risky than others. For example, having a dog that has a trace amount of wolf DNA in them can be fun for your dog, but also potentially dangerous if you do not take proper precautions.

A bulldog mix or a pitbull mix will have limited amounts of fur around the nose and mouth which makes them look slightly different. These differences may seem cute at first, but they could indicate risk factors such as potential genetic issues or even signs of serious medical conditions.

If you notice anything about your puppy’s appearance that seems off, make an appointment with your vet right away! Your doctor will likely run tests to determine what kind of condition your pet has, and whether any treatments are available.

Consider a DNA test

english bulldog mixed with pitbull puppies

Even if you have not made your mind up about whether to adopt or not, there is still something that you can do before bringing home a puppy. If you are ever considering buying a dog, consider doing some research first!

There are two main things that people usually find important when choosing which breed of dog they want. These are called traits of the breed and qualities as an individual dog for owners.

Some breeds have well-known traits such as socialization being very important to lots of people, while others like having a lot of energy and needing exercise.

A lot of times, however, people will go into more in depth analysis looking at both these points but mostly focusing on the second. That is why it is sometimes referred to as the “breadth” of the breed. Some dogs just need to spend their days running around outside so they can enjoy this quality.

When deciding what kind of dog would be best for you, make sure you take time to evaluate both sets of characteristics. There may be a breed that seems perfect except for one small thing — like how much activity someone wants from their dog. A lower activity level might be okay for you though so you should know going in.

Another good way to determine which type of dog would fit you best is by talking to other potential pet parents who share similar experiences with the same breed.

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