Facebook Messenger New Updates-Message Reaction and Mentions

Messenger Message Reactions & Mentions: Facebook Messenger was very happy and excited to announce two new features Message reactions and mentions. Few days before  Messenger might have been updated done another manifestation like post a story or pictures by means of flag-bearer and it arrived a huge victory around the facebook clients.Now it introduce two new options like message reactions and mentions. Message Reactions permit you on express your feelings utilising the emoji for a distinct message and it fast indicating acknowledgement alternately expressing how you feel clinched alongside a lightweight Also some good times out. You can send a reaction in distinctive design like images, videos, GIF, stickers and other emoji to all type of messages.


To add a reaction, press and hold a message, and then aggravate your Choice starting with the emojis love, smile, wow, sad, angry, yes and no emojis. You will have the ability to see how your companions reacted to your message in the lower corner of the message. To mention, somebody in a group type the “@” symbol with the person’s name alternately begin writing the initial few letterpress of the name of the person you need to inform. When the message is sent, it will appear with highlighted text for the others in the group to see.The person mentioned will receive a new kind of notification letting them know they were called out specifically, so they can easily answer a direct question or provide a response.You can choose to turn off these mention notifications at any time. Both of these Message Reactions and Mentions are available in iOS And Android, and they’ll be globally available in the upcoming days.

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