Find Out the Easy Ways to Reset AirPods


Find Out the Easy Ways to Reset AirPods: Gadget lovers will be more likely to buy and use up-to-date devices. That’s what many people are currently buying more and more like devices like AirPods. Some people who buy this will have a huge confusion on how to reset it. This post is meant to address this confusion.

Step 1  – Check the battery

When you try to reset your airplane by holding the button on the back of it, if you do not see the flashlight from inside it, it means that they are not charging. So charge them for at least 15 minutes.

Step 2 – Find the button

The small button on the back of the AirPods charging case is the only way to reset the Airpod. So hold it for 15 seconds and do this until the LED light in the case turns from white to amber. It is also a good idea to have this reset button on mobile phones that you can use to connect from wireless AirPods. If it is too close, it will take up all the data that it had before.

Find Out the Easy Ways to Reset AirPods

Step 3 – Connect the device

After resetting the airplanes, you will need to connect them to the new iOS device. For this, place the two devices side by side. If this is what you use on Android, go to Settings and click on Connections. Then go to Bluetooth and connect them.

Step 4 – Rename (optional)

Even if you have reset your AirPods, they will still have their old name. So you need to go to Settings to change it select Bluetooth in it and change it. After changing the name, click on the info (‘i’) button.


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