Full Grown Shar Pei Pitbull Mix

All dogs are beautiful, but some are more special than others. They have unique features that make them stand out from the crowd!

Some dogs have big eyes, some have fluffy fur, and some have longer legs or shorter hair. But none of these things matter unless you know how to manage them!

Certain dogs will develop behaviors due to their breed, but this is not always a bad thing. For example, most people associate pit bulls with violence so many people avoid owning one.

But there’s a very important reason why it’s illegal to own a dog that shows signs of dangerous behavior. Namely, protecting human safety.

Luckily, your probably don’t need to worry about this because most breeds can be gentle if raised properly. Some even come in different variations which means you get to choose whether to socialize or isolate certain traits for a puppy.

And once they reach adulthood, you can decide if they’re okay to live as an outside pet or not! This article will talk mostly about white, short haired, longhaired shar peis and what to look for when deciding if they’re a good fit as a companion animal.

Making sure their needs are being met and giving them appropriate mental and emotional stimulation is just as important as food and shelter.

Characteristics of the Shar Pei

full grown shar pei pitbull mix

The next stage in the dog’s development is characterized by bold, strong traits. These are typically known as “sharpedges.”

A sharpedge can be defined as an increased intensity or strength of something- usually someone or something else that exists alongside it.

For example, if you look at a tall person, they will always stand out from those around them. They are very noticeable and often get attention due to their height. A similar concept applies to dogs.

A certain breed like the shar pei has a reputation for being intimidating and fierce. This comes mostly from its nose which some say looks like it could tear flesh.

However, what most people don’t realize is that this characteristic is only seen when the dog is aroused or angry. When it isn’t engaged in activity, its tail drops between your legs and it doesn’t pose any threat. It is then said to have a soft edge.

Difference between the Shar Pei and the Chinese Pitbull

full grown shar pei pitbull mix

The most important difference between the shar pei and the chinese pit bull is temperament. While both dogs are known to be loyal, protective and intelligent, the shar pei has additional qualities that set it apart.

The sharpeis personality is one of confidence and self-assurance. They are not necessarily strong or powerful, but they make up for this by being very steady and calm.

This quality makes them excellent family companions as well as working partners. Because of their low energy level, however, they are not good candidates for competitive sports like hunting or dog racing.

Instead, the sharpei loves to spend time cuddling and playing with other animals. This characteristic also means they do not particularly enjoy chasing games such as fetch.

Because of these reasons, many people believe that sharpeis are not suitable entertainment pets.

Tips for picking your Shar Pei

full grown shar pei pitbull mix

Before you decide to add a new dog into your family, make sure you have done an adequate amount of research. Check out their records at the shelter, look up photos of them online, talk to people who have trained or owned one before!

You want to be very careful when choosing which breed is right for you as a parent. Just because someone else has success training a certain type of dog does not mean that will work for yours.

Some breeds are more social than others and this can affect how well they interact with other dogs and humans. Some types of dogs are bred to fight so if this is something that worries you then maybe shy away from that breed.

By being aware of what kind of dog you like and what qualities matter to you as a owner, you’ll know whether to put in the effort to train your own dog or not.

Ways to show your love for your Shar Pei

While most people agree that dogs are beautiful, some owners go a little too far in showing their dog’s beauty. These types of owners may spend more time grooming their dog than necessary or buying expensive toys that their dog doesn’t play with.

Some dogs suffer from trichotilomania, also known as hair pulling. This is when your dog pulls out all his or her hairs and then looks at you like why didn’t you do something about this?

Dogs who are exposed to too much stress can develop behavioral issues. If your dog has been through a lot, such as being abandoned or living in a shelter where there were other dogs, he or she can develop separation anxiety or fear towards other animals.

These behaviors can be fixed, but only if the problem dog receives proper treatment. There are professionals who help dogs with these problems! Hiring one of these experts will help your loved one learn how to manage his or her emotions and deal with any underlying mental health conditions.

There are many ways to show your love for your Shar Pei. You don’t need to buy him a boatload of gifts to tell him how special he is to you; spending money on yourself is enough.

Give him a nice bed to sleep in so he feels comfortable snuggling up next to you every night. Take him outside for walks so he gets some exercise and socialization.

Shar Pei health concerns

full grown shar pei pitbull mix

As your dog gets older, things can start to go wrong in various body systems. A healthy functioning immune system is one of the most important parts of any animal’s health, especially as an adult.

Aging is a complex process that depends not only on internal processes, but also external factors as well. Genetics play a big part in determining how long certain animals live, and there are some breeds that seem to be naturally healthier than others.

Certain traits or features of a breed may make it more likely they will suffer from specific diseases. For example, dogs with longer hair typically have better coat quality which helps protect them from heat loss so they do not get hot and therefore do not develop dry skin or other conditions.

Dogs who are exposed to higher levels of air pollution or heavy metals may experience changes in respiratory function, and these changes can increase risk of cancer and heart disease. Certain foods that are high in antioxidants may help keep organs like the liver working effectively.

There are several tests that veterinarians use to check for problems in different organ systems in older dogs. These include blood work, urinalysis, fecal analysis, radiographic studies (x-rays), endoscopic examinations, ultrasound scans and laparoscopy (keyhole surgery) where small incisions are made into the surface of the abdomen to view the inside of the abdominal cavity.

Is your Shar Pei vaccinated?

full grown shar pei pitbull mix

Even if you are not planning to show your dog at competitions or need a quick shelter gain, vaccinating your puppy is still important!

Vaccination is a form of exposure prevention for dogs that are either too young or not quite fully developed. By exposing their body to certain vaccines as puppies, they get trained to produce the needed antibodies later in life. These antibodies help protect them from disease infection as an adult dog.

Most major kennel clubs require proof of rabies vaccination, distemper/parvovirus vaccination, and two rounds of canine papezite vaccine (for de-sexing) before allowing registration. Some even ask for three vaccinations per round depending on the breed! This can easily add up very quickly so it is helpful to be informed about which ones are required by law and which are just good practices.

There are several different types of rabies vaccination available, but most require injecting under the skin. Different brands have different layers of protection, so research and try out some before choosing what works best for you and your dog.

Socializing your Shar Pei

full grown shar pei pitbull mix

Although most dogs are drawn to other animals of their breed, socializing your dog is very important. Your dog will need exposure to different types of people to learn how to interact with others!

Dog breeds that are typically more aggressive are not helpful in developing friendly relationships. A shy or protective nature can sometimes be misunderstood as an attack when it’s actually just caution for unknown things.

It’s best to start with small groups of people until you get clear signs that your puppy does not want to meet new people. Then you can move onto next level interactions.

Some potential issues like fear-mongering about pets may put off new pet owners, but at the same time, this could create a bad relationship for your dog if he fears all humans.

Making friends as a kid takes work, so chances are yours won’t magically drop out of nowhere! Luckily, there are some ways to help your dog feel comfortable around new people.

Exercise with your Shar Pei

full grown shar pei pitbull mix

As mentioned before, dogs that are loved and cared for will almost always want to give you lots of attention. If this is the case then it’s good to be aware of these demands so that you can accommodate both needs.

Dogs need down time just like humans do, but they also require exercise and activity to keep them healthy and happy. Luckily, most shar peis love some kind of activity!

Whether your dog loves to run around or simply enjoys lying in bed while you sleep, there’s something he or she can enjoy doing. Take some time to look into different activities for your dog, find one he or she likes, and reward him or her for participating.

Another way to promote happiness and wellness in your canine companion is to ensure his or her nutritional health. Dogs are not very efficient at processing food, so unless you provide the right amount of nutrients, they may suffer from poor growth, disease, or even death.

Discuss potential opportunities to take your dog out for a walk or other activity with owners of similar breeds to determine if there are any issues you could face.

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