Google Doodle Celebrates Kuvempu’s 113th Birth Anniversary – Kannada Novelist

Kuvempu's 113th Birth Anniversary

Kuvempu: A famous 20th century Kannada poet and Author are Kuppali Venkatappa Puttappa who is also known as Kuvempu. To mark his 113th birth anniversary on December 29, Google dedicated its doodle for him in the way of honoring and celebrating Kuvempu’s Birthday. The doodle was created by Upamanyu Bhattacharyya (and Swati Shelar, who helped with the Kannada lettering), shows Kuvempu surrounded by nature in his beloved home.

Kuvempu is a greatest Kannada poet and also a playwright, critic, and thinker. Among many Kannada writers, Kuvempu was the first win the prestigious Jnanpith Award. He was also conferred the Padma Vibushan award by the Government of India in 1988.

Kuvempu's 113th Birth Anniversary

Kuvempu History & Work

Kuvempu was born in Koppa Taluk of the Chikmagalur District, Karnataka on December 29, 1904. he was home-schooled earlier and later continued his middle school education. He joined the Anglo-Vernacular school in Tirthahalli. Kuvempu graduated from the Maharaja College of Mysore in 1929, majoring in Kannada.

He loved to write poems about the nature of flowers and the things around him in the world. He was made the strong effort making Kannada medium for education. Kuvempu’s version of the Ramayana, Sri Ramayana Darshanam was what won him the Jnanpith Award. For his contributions to Kannada Literature, the Government of Karnataka decorated him with the honorific Rashtrakavi (National Poet) in 1958 and Karnataka Ratna (Gem of Karnataka) in 1992.

With his writings and contribution to “Universal Humanism” or  “Vishwa Maanavataa Vaada” has made a unique place for himself in the modern Indian literature. For his contributed work, Google celebrates his birth anniversary by dedicating its doodle. Kuvempu passed away on November 1st, 1994 at the age of 89.

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