How Long Can Parakeets Go Without Food?

Parakeets, also known as parrots, are one of the most common pets in the world. They are very lovable birds, but can be very stubborn and hard to train.

Parakeets can be very funny and entertaining. They have a unique personality just like humans. Some are quiet and shy, some are funny and joke around a lot, and some are mean and aggressive.

Parakeets can be tricky to feed when you no longer want to care for them. Because they are small birds, it is easy to forget they need to eat. They can survive for a few days without food, but how long can they go without food permanently?

This is a question many people ask before letting their parakeet go free. Luckily, we have the answer! Read on to find out how long your parakeet can go without food before needing medical attention.

How long can parakeets go without eating?

Parakeets, also known as parrots, are very social birds. Because of this, many people believe it is cruel to keep a parakeet alone. However, if you have a parakeet and need to go away for a short period of time, you can leave it alone without any problems.

Parakeets are not talkers so there would not be any noise complaints. Parakeets are not heavy birds so they would not damage your home if they decided to take a stroll.

The only concern would be whether or not it could survive the duration of your absence. Parakeets typically eat about as much in one day as a mouse does in one week. Because of this, it is safe to leave the food for the next day before you leave.

What happens if my parakeet goes without eating?

how long can parakeets go without food

If your parakeet goes without eating for a few days, it is unlikely that he or she will die. In fact, many pet owners report that their birds ate more when fed less due to the fatty foods they are offered.

Parrots have been known to fast for several weeks, so one or two days is nothing for them. The problem comes when your bird does not realize that he or she is hungry- there is no internal cue.

Parrots are very social and need interaction, so leaving food out may be enough to keep them satisfied. If you notice your parrot looking unusually skinny, then start reducing the amount of food you offer until they eat it all and then some.

However, if you see no signs of hunger, there is nothing wrong with letting your bird spend a day or two without eating. If they are acting normal and seem content, then there is no need to worry.

Make sure you know how long your bird has been fasting

how long can parakeets go without food

If you are given a bird that has been fasting for a few days, you should still take it to the vet. There could be something wrong, and the vet will know how to check for issues.

It is important to know how long the bird has been fasting so the vet can check for issues related to starvation. For example, if the parakeet has not eaten for a week, then the vet will check its metabolism and try to determine why.

If it has not eaten for several days due to lack of appetite, then that is a sign that something is wrong. The vet will also check if there is anything affecting its appetite due to other symptoms.

Parakeets can be hard to train so it may take your bird a while to learn how to eat out of its cage. Make sure you have lots of safe places for it to eat while in its cage.

Call your vet if more than 12 hours have passed

how long can parakeets go without food

If you have a bird and it has access to a full cage of food, then it is okay for it to go a few hours without eating.

Parakeets can go several hours without eating, however, you should always check on them in the morning and give them food then if they are hungry.

If it is very late at night and your parakeet has not eaten yet, then it is okay to leave it until the morning when you are awake and can feed it.

The problem comes when you cannot tell how long it has been since it ate last. If more than 12 hours have passed, then you should probably call your veterinarian. They will check up on the bird and see what is going on.

They might ask if the bird has been acting any differently or if there have been any changes in its behavior or appearance. These are all signs of illness that your veterinarian needs to know about.

Provide fresh water for your bird

how long can parakeets go without food

Parakeets need access to fresh water at all times. You should always have a bowl of water for your Parakeet to drink from and wash it every day.

Parakeets also like to bathe, so if you have a hanging cage, they will enjoy climbing around and swinging on the cage while bathing. You can use paper towels or shallow bowls to provide them with this feature.

Some Parakeets may not care for water, but it is important to provide it for the ones that do. A dehydrated Parakeet will not feel well and may exhibit symptoms of illness.

Chronic dehydration can lead to kidney disease, so keep an eye out for drinking habits that are altered. Some birds may drink less due to illness or dehydration, so check up on the bird and how much it is drinking.

Offer smaller portions more frequently

how long can parakeets go without food

When you feed your parakeet, you should offer smaller portions more frequently instead of one large portion once a day. This helps prevent fat and glucose dysregulation, which can be deadly to parakeets.

Parakeets have been known to die from not eating enough due to starvation mode. However, this is due to their inherent need for more frequent small meals rather than two or three large meals per day.

Parakeets have been known to die from not eating enough due to starvation mode. However, this is due to their inherent need for more frequent small meals rather than two or three large meals per day.

Parakeets can go several days without food, so if you are going to be away, try putting out only as much as he needs for that length of time. He will eventually eat what is offered to him, so do not worry about him starving.

Don’t force feed a bird that doesn’t want to eat

how long can parakeets go without food

If a bird does not want to eat, you should not try to force feed it. There are many reasons a parakeet may stop eating, and most of them are related to their health.

If the bird is showing other signs of health, such as drinking water and staying hydrated, climbing trees and perching and/or sleeping normally, then let it be until it expresses that it is hungry.

This may sound crazy, but it can be a hard thing to do. It is important to let the bird’s body regulate itself while it fights what ever illness it has.

If the bird passes away due to its illness, then you can clean and cook the remains according to this article.

Take your bird to the vet if it loses too much weight or stamina

how long can parakeets go without food

If you see signs your parakeet is not eating, it’s time to take action. If your pet parakeet loses interest in food for a few days, this might just be a hunger strike.

Parrots love to be dominant and demand attention. Sometimes, they will refuse food if they want attention and think that bringing them food will earn them that attention.

If this is the case, then leaving them alone for a few hours or days with food may solve the problem. If they continue to lose weight, however, then there might be a bigger problem.

If your bird appears sluggish or weak, take it to the vet so they can check if anything else is wrong. Parakeets can eat pellets as their main source of nutrition, so this might not be an issue.

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