How more Quebec high schoolers are reporting anxiety and how self-help guides can help them


Although anxiety in high schoolers is common, experts are currently noticing heightened levels of anxiety among Quebec high schoolers. Stress can hinder high schoolers from participating in social or school activities for instance; team events, co-curricular activities or even making friends. Besides, anxiety instills negative feelings, for example, being ashamed of themselves, loneliness or constant fear.

 However, self-help guides can assist them in the following ways.

Understand the condition:

There is no instant way to heal anxiety disorders; the healing process takes time as well as effort from the person suffering from anxiety. Therefore, the key to healing is understanding the condition. Through self-help guides, one is better placed to understand the state and also how to overcome it.

self-help guides

Also, there are several self-help guides to pick from, and a high schooler will be educated on the demerits of the disorder before seeking other alternative therapies. This helps in knowing how to handle the condition. Also, they can assist in having the right attitude towards managing the disease.

Coping techniques

Self-help guides assist one to cope with stress, taking care of self and how to relax as well as advice on relaxation activities to reduce worrying and have a positive outlook on life.


Self-help guides provide information on anxiety and also the various ways of treatment. These guides can assist one to understand the course of therapies as well as the benefits it will involve. Also, this self help mental health guide proffers general information on anxiety and assist in understanding the problem.

People’s experiences

Some guides contain experiences of other people who have suffered the same condition and conquered it. Such testimonies are useful for high schoolers suffering from anxiety since they motivate them to be open-minded about therapies that can heal their disorder. Also, they assist them in understanding that they are not only the ones suffering from anxiety.


Self-help guides assist in getting rid of negative thoughts associated with anxiety and replacing them with positive thoughts. Fighting anxiety involves personal commitment as well as willingness towards healing. Therefore, by being equipped with the information in self-help guides, this makes it easier to achieve the desired transformation.

Avoid stigma

Self-help guides assist high schoolers in maintaining their privacy and helping them overcome the stigma associated with the condition. Besides, they can access the materials at a convenient time and pace.

This permits them to renew their treatment anytime they want at no extra fee. Also, the guides empower them since anxiety attacks are mostly related to the mental state of a person.

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