How Much Do Axolotls Cost?

The next thing you will probably notice about axolotl pets is that they do not look very similar to each other. They all have their own unique markings, but what is important to know about them is which species are true breeders. Only certain males and females can create offspring!

Axolotl parents of purebreds must be at least two years old and both individuals need to show strong signs of mating desire. When this happens, the animals start looking more like each other with longer tails and lower jaw/upper lip shapes.

There are many reasons why some axolotl owners may choose to not let their pet reproduce. If you are planning on owning an axoltm as a companion or even as a life mate, make sure it has been validated as such by its official owner. This includes knowing how much money it costs!

Price ranges for axolotls
Some sources say there is no hard price limit to buying an axolotl, while others list large differences between low, medium, and expensive prices.

Where do they come from?

how much do axolotls cost

Most axolotl farms begin with golden or white Mexican fire salamanders, also known as tiger salamanders. These animals are not endangered, so most breeders buy them directly from private owners or wildlife rehabilitators to re-home them.

Fire salamanders are very popular pets in the wild due to their striking patterns and colors! Unfortunately, this popularity has made it difficult for some individuals to find good homes for theirs.

Most of these animals are discarded after being abandoned by their new owner(s). Some are simply left outside to free range in natural settings where they would thrive, but more often than not, they are either sold online or into pet stores who market them as “Mexican Fire Salamander” making it hard to tell whether they were bred in captivity or not.

It is extremely important to research your potential axolotl before bringing one home! Not only does it assess their health, but it looks at if they have been raised in a healthy environment.

Shop smartly! Only purchase ones that look like they are living in an appropriate habitat and area. Avoid buying any animal that seems sick or underweight.

What does an axolotl look like?

how much do axolotls cost

The term ‘axolotl’ comes from two Nahuatl words, ahxo meaning water or wet and lotz, which means soft. This gives us our name for the animal: water-soft mammal!

Axolotls are not actually mammals but instead belong to the class of tetrapods (four limb animals). They have four limbs and fur that helps them regulate their temperature.

They also have small nipples that do not develop until they are around one year old. At this stage they begin eating milk to help grow and develop the young. Once they are fully grown, the females stop producing milk and the males start exploring their own existence!

Sadly, most people don’t get to see many of these beautiful creatures in the wild. That is why it is so important to keep them alive in captivity. Many zoos use a mix of aquariums and terrariums to house your axolotl!

Some may consider keeping an axolotl as a pet, but remember there are very few regulations when it comes to owning reptiles as pets. There are even no breed restrictions on them! It is up to each individual owner if they feel that an axolotl is a good fit for them and their home.

What are their benefits?


Many people enjoy owning axolotl as a pet because of their soft, fluffy fur and interesting behaviors. Some even consider them to be intelligent since they can recognize individual animals in their pack!

Axolotl owners typically spend around $100 per animal for all the needed supplies. This includes food, bowls, blankets, and bedding.

Many breeders will advertise their axolotl pets as socialized or friendly, which is why most people choose to adopt instead of buying one as a companion.

However, not every axolotl owner knows what to expect when adopting an adult specimen. Most puppies grow into socially adjusted adults, but this isn’t always true with older animals.

What are their drawbacks?

how much do axolotls cost

The most expensive axolotl is not necessarily the best one. Many people spend large amounts of money on very expensive animals that may or may not survive due to poor health.

Many breeders will market themselves as professional, but some lack the necessary quality control measures. Some keep their animals in less than ideal conditions which can hurt their health and wellbeing.

Some may be motivated by profit rather than love for the amphibians. People may buy an axolotl because it is cute and interesting, but they may lack the knowledge to care for them properly.

There are many different things that could potentially harm your axolotl, so make sure you research potential problems before buying one.

How can I keep axolotls as a pet?

how much do axolotls cost

First, you will need to know how many inches your tank is going to be. A general rule of thumb is that every inch of aquarium space costs around $10! For example, if your tank is only one foot wide then it would cost about $10 per square foot. One average sized axodolt is about two feet long so their tank should be at least 2 feet wide!

Many people start off with smaller axolots because they are expensive but this isn’t a good idea. They may suffer from lack of food or water which could eventually cause death. It also makes housetraining more difficult since there isn’t enough room for them to learn how to walk outside the enclosure!

If you are looking to get an axodolt as a companion then make sure you do some research first. You don’t want to buy one that looks healthy and well fed and find out weeks later that it has died due to poor housing.

Are they dangerous?

how much do axolotls cost

As mentioned before, most people are not allowed to keep axolotl as pets in the United States. This is because axolotls are amphibians that cannot survive outside of water for more than six weeks! If you are able to make an exception to this rule, then it must be done with caution and under close supervision at all times.

Making sure your axolotl has access to fresh water and adequate shelter can help prevent potential problems. Make sure to also check out their surroundings for any kind of debris or materials that could potentially hurt them.

For example, if there are many plants around, give it some time to get used to its new environment. Also, make sure to never pull the animal’s skin off; instead, try washing it with soap or using a washcloth. Pulling the fur may cause dryness or irritation which could lead to disease or death.

While expensive, buying anaxoltonis from a reputable sellercan be worth it. They will have clearly labeled enclosures to ensure healthy living and breeding conditions for the animals.

What do they eat?

how much do axolotls cost

Most axolotl diet studies focus on whether or not an animal is carnivorous (meat eating) or herbivorous (plant eating). Since salamanders are amphibians, they can be either! Salamanders that live in fresh water mostly feed on aquatic plants like crayfish and algae.

When they need to eat meat, they will look for other animals nearby or go out and hunt one themselves. They also swallow small insects and worms when possible!

Axolotls are considered omniverous- they enjoy both vegetarian and carnivore diets. Because of this, there are many ways to supply your axolotl with food!

General guidelines: Make sure to never use dried frog chow as a source of nutrition for your axolotl. This is actually harmful and may cause death due to digestive problems.

What do they need?

how much do axolotls cost

They require a large, protected area to roam around in and explore their surroundings. This includes areas that are exposed to light, open spaces for swimming or resting, and shelter from hot sun or cold weather.

The cost of axolotl housing depends on how much space you have and what kind of protection you want to give them. If you are just starting out with axolotls then a small container with some grass and plants is enough if you take good care of it!

You can start off by looking into simple glass terrariums which are usually less than $20 at most pet stores. These are great because you can watch your animals grow-eye level access makes it more comfortable for them.

As your animal gets older, larger containers are better as they allow for more growth. However, make sure these are very sturdy so nothing breaks’s!

Costing slightly higher but totally worth it is an acrylic tank. These are not cheap, about $100 – $150 per tank, but they are much safer materials than plastic. Make sure yours is also UV resistant and solid quality otherwise your axolotl may get hurt or even choked.

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