Kattapava Kanom Review, Story, Rating – A Fish that Lead the Role


Kattapava Kanom Review: Kattapava Kaanom is a funniest and entertainment film written and directed by Mani Seiyon. The full story was tied with a fish, so it will be more entertaining especially for children.The visuals are taken care by Anand  Jeeva and edited by  Sathish Suriya.he film was produced by WindChimes Media Entertainments.

Kattapava Kanom Story

A fish having a place with a criminal, who thinks of it as his four leaf clover, gets stolen and winds up with a person whose fortunes has dependably been spoiled Given its preface and its potential outcomes, Kattapava Kanom could have been, even wackier, in its present frame, the film is an entertaining redirection. The plot spins around a Vaastu fish, the main Kattappa, which gets stolen from its proprietor Vanjaram (Mime Gopi), a hoodlum who emphatically trusts it to be his rabbit’s foot, and winds up at the place of Pandian (Sibiraj), whose series of disasters since birth has made his own particular father call him Bad Luck Pandi. He and his better half Meena (Aishwarya Rajesh), choose to keep the fish, on the grounds that their neighbour, a young lady being raised by her father, trusts it to be fortunate.

In the interim, a trio of crooks (Kaali Venkat, Thirumurugan and Jayakumar) places Pandi and Meena under ‘house capture’ trusting that they were told the concealing spot of Rs 4 crore by their now-dead assistant. Also, Vajaram utilizes a novice analyst (Dindigul Sravanan) to follow the whereabouts of his Kattappa.

What makes Kattapava Kanom work (to the degree it does) is that executive Mani Seiyon comprehends the tone that this material needs and keeps it that route all the way — a fun loving, don’t-consider me-important tone that is shrewdly pitched on the correct side of unreasonableness. The executive uses angle related muffles all through the film — names (Vanjaram, Sura, Kendai), ensembles (a lady’s T-shirt has a representation of fish), props (like Vanjaram’s chain) and even places (Minjur) — that add to the jokiness of the film. He additionally gets the throwing right. Sibiraj is ideal for the part of Pandi, an ordinary person who isn’t all brains and brawns, yet has enough smarts to escape a tight spot. Kaali Venkat makes great utilisation of the ironic statements that Mani Seiyon strews everywhere throughout the script. However, the U rating by the control board troubles us at the back of our psyches. What’s more, Yogi Babu, even in the short screen time that he arrives, demonstrates that he could be the following enormous entertainer in Tamil silver screen.

Be that as it may, the film never figures out how to rise above its material. While there are not really any extends where the snickers disappear, it isn’t sufficiently kooky, and the pacing feels lackadaisical now and again. Infrequently, it is the buoyant (if domineering) score by Santhosh Dhayanidhi that continues reminding us to simply unwind and have a tonne of fun.

Kattapava Kanom Rating

The film with full of entertainment scenarios earned 3 stars out of 5 stars from experienced film reviewers.

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