Ketogenic Diet and Ketosis Dangers You Should Know About

Ketosis weight loss

Tips and tricks to lose excess body weight are aplenty in the market. However, very few of them show any positive results. There are many people who spend hours at the gym and also follow a strict diet in order to get back in shape. Some even have health supplements that can fulfil the daily physical needs of vitamins and minerals in their body. However, the end result is not always positive. A new name commonly heard these days, in the world of diet, is keto diet. According to the claims of people promoting keto diet, this method of shedding excess weight actually burns the stored body fat. Results start to appear within 10 days of starting this diet.

What Do You Mean By Ketosis?

If you do not know much about the keto diet, then it is good for you to know that it is basically an extremely low-carb or practically no-carb diet. As a result of this diet, your body is forced to get into a state of ketosis. Your body enters ketosis when ketones start to build up in the blood. As a result of your low carb diet, the sugar level in your blood drops and your body starts to break down the stored fat in order to get its energy. In other words, your body turns the stored fat as its primary source of energy.

Ketosis weight loss

It can be said that ketosis is a mild form of ketoacidosis, which mostly affects people suffering from type 1 diabetes. Ketoacidosis is also the primary cause of death for people under the age group of 24 years suffering from diabetes. Nonetheless, experts say that ketosis itself is not at all harmful and that the ketosis health benefits are great. Although there are several tests to prove the importance of a keto diet for an obese person, there are also some clinical reviews that suggest people on a low-carb diet often tend to gain some of the weight lost within a year.

When Is Keto Diet Unhealthy?

According to critics, keto diet only work on a short term basis and can often prove to be unhealthy. When it comes to a beginner, most part of the weight loss is basically water weight. When your body gets into a state of ketosis, you tend to get extremely tired, your body also loses muscles, and eventually gets into a mode of starvation. Once your body enters this mode, it gets very difficult to lose any further weight.

There are several experts who believe that keto diet is for people who have entered an extreme condition in terms of obesity. This is simply because ketosis can often damage your heart, which is also made up of muscles. Experts also suggest that if a person, suffering from any type of liver or kidney problem, tries a keto diet, it can prove to be dangerous for him. It is will be a good idea to try a keto diet under strict clinical supervision and only for short periods of time in order to get better results.

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