KumKum Bhagya Written Update 16th August 2017 Episode

KumKum Bhagya Written Update 16th August 2017 Episode

KumKum Bhagya Written Update: Abhi tells to Dadi and Dasi that feels that Pragya’s behavior was strange nowadays. Dadi continues as if she doesn’t believe that she is his wife. Abhi asks them if they also feel the same. Dadi and Dasi say that sometimes they feel this because she did not wear sindoor and mangal sutra and earlier she believes these things strongly. Dadi asks Abhi to talk to Pragya and make her understand that she would wear all these.

KumKum Bhagya Written Update 16th August 2017 Episode

There Munni getting ready and Abhi back to the room and pulls out Sindoor box from the drawer and Munni gets conscious seeing this and gets it that Abhi will ask her to wear that. Abhi tells her that he’ll put the sindoor on her but Munni says she is not ready yet and she’ll do it herself. Abhi says he’ll wait but Munni says she got allergic with this sindoor. Abhi says she didn’t have it earlier. She says it is the particular sindoor she got allergic and wear the sindoor after she got a new one from the market. Abhi takes a pinch of Sindoor and asks her to wear but she pushes the box and spills the sindoor on the floor and goes out of the room.

Abhi was shocked about her behaviour while Munni runs to the temple and cries to take her out from this drama. She says she is doing these all only for her chutka and chutki and she has no clue where they are now and continues get Pragya back to the home Abhi and his family need her. Meanwhile, a hand with drip is shown whose finger moves a bit.

On the other side, a servant runs downstairs shouting and tells that the girl in upstairs getting conscious. The girl in downstairs who is a doctor go upstairs and there Pragya lying unconscious on the bed. She asks Pragya about her name and family but she does not respond. The doctor says she did not get conscious but the servant said that she saw the fingers are moving.

The servant asks her where did she find her and the doctor says she found her near a river when she was in a village for medical camp. She continues she succeeded in removing bullet but couldn’t get her conscious back. She is in the same stage and there must be a strong power keep her alive. The servant prays to got to make Pragya was healthy again and make her o meet her husband.

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