Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 25th July 2017 Episode


Kumkum Bhagya: The episode of Kumkum Bhagya starts with Munni entering into Tanu’s room where Tanu is doing makeup. Munni took her face powder and asked her this is the secret of her fair skin. If she comes out with out this makeup she would be dark. Munni forms an opinion about Tanu saying that she really needs makeup to look beautiful. Tanu said to Munni that she is not there to give opinion towards her and she is here to do a job and should be in her limits. Munni says there are only two reasons why Abhi left Tanu is one he may saw her without makeup or he may be left as he did not like her makeup. She also said that his ex-wife Pragya may be a simple girl that is why he fell in love with her. Tanu gets irritated and said Munni that she will call Aliya and throw her out of the house. Munni said because of her they both were in the house.

Tanu gets irritated and said Munni that she will call Aliya and throw her out of the house. Munni said because of her they both were in the house. Aliya comes there and asks them to stop the fight. Aliya asked Munni to do something in the house in which the family members hate her. Munni says she was not instructed what to do and so she simply spending the time.

Kumkum Bhagya

Abhi finds a struggle in selecting the clothes. He decides that Pragya is the right one to choose perfect clothes for him. Later he thinks she herself is wearing horrible clothes these days. So she could not select the clothes that suit him. Abhi calls Purab and asked him how different the Haryana from Mumbai. Purab tells that it will be the same difference of older version of Pragya and her new version. He also said Abhi to be sure once again that she is Pragya. Abhi said that he is sure about her and will soon make her fall in love with him. Abhi also asked Purab to find a girl for himself and suggest that he can himself give it a try.

Purab meets Mr Khandanwal who gave 50 lakhs instead of giving a cheque. Purab said him that some goons may follow him for the cash. So he requested him to deposit in the bank so that he will withdraw from Mumbai. The goons decided to note the bank that he deposit to Purab.

Dadi brings Abhi to meet Munni and tells them that she organised a Satyanarayana Pooja for them to remove all the evils in their relationship. She says Munni that Abhi is not interested in this and her opinion about this. Munni also said the same that all the negativities in their lives will be removed by this Pooja. And even Tanu and Aliya may get out of this house. Abhi agrees for the Pooja and Dadi tell the entire family about Pooja.

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