Life soccer today and main intrigues

Life soccer today

Many championships often determine their winner before the winter break. A strong team, whose summer transfer campaign was more successfully than others, managed to gather a good lineup and created the best atmosphere in the team may well break out from others, and it will be unrealistic to stop it. In order to follow the championship races, life soccer today provides its high quality service. The main events and the intrigue of the fights are available for monitoring and analysis. During the summer transfer window, the Catalan Barcelona managed both to please its fans and to disappoint them.

Life soccer today

We will analyze the reasons for joy and sorrow among the fans of the Blau Granas:

  1. Possible purchase of Griezmann. The world champion has joined the club to complement the duet of Messi and Suarez and create a killer trio.
  2. Frankie de Jong. A promising Dutchman in the future should become the second Javi or Iniesta.
  3. Junior Firpo from the humble Betis is considered the reinforcing of club’s defense.
  4. Loan of Philippe Coutinho to Bavaria and selling of Malcolm to Zenit.

Of all the acquired players, only Frankie de Jong plays on a regular basis in today’s life soccer matches, the rest are usually used for a substitution or play half the time. Moreover, the epic tale of the return of Neymar did not succeed, too.

Is La Liga turning into El Classico?

The extremely unconvincing start of two Spanish giants did not prevent them from becoming the leaders in the standings. When other teams, it would seem, had a chance, for some reason they did not use it. And if Villarreal or Valencia do not feel good in recent years, then Seville and Atletico, which are in excellent shape from year to year, could have led La Liga. Moreover, the clubs have significantly increased their potential. The Mattress Makers managed to sign the young Portuguese Joao Feliz, and Sevilla bought the promising Roni Lopes.

Despite all the problems of the Spanish grandees, they show their high level. Drawing new strengths and new opportunities from their problems, they seem to be not ready to give up their place on the throne. The last time someone apart from Barcelona and Real Madrid won La Liga was Atletico with Diego Simeone in 2013/2014. And before that, ten years ago, Valencia with Rafael Benitez achieved success. For 23 years, only once another club, in addition to two grands became the champion of Spain. Is it possible to safely declare the expectation of the next El Classico, and ask what exactly determines the first place of the championship in these confrontations?

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