Mental Madhilo Review, Rating, Audience Response – Romantic drama

Mental Madhilo Review, Rating

Mental Madhilo Review: Actor Sri Vishnu’s Mental Madhilo released on Friday, November 24 while the premier show has already released in the United States a day before. From the overseas, the film receiving good response from the audience. So, it is a nice movie to watch on this weekend with your partner.

Here we have given the Mental Madhilo Review with Rating and Audience Response. The Tollywood star Sri Vishnu is the male lead in this film and Nivetha Pethu Raj is the female lead. Vivek Athreya’s directional film was bankrolled by Raj Kandukuri. The film released under the banner of Raj’s Dharmapatha Creations. As of now, the film got a positive review in maximum from the critics and public.

Mental Madhilo Review, Rating, Audience Response

One line Story: After rejected by many girls, the guy finds himself in a situation to select his life partner from two women.

Mental Madhilo Review: Film started with the group of the family which looks as real and the love portion also looking good. There is no forced comedy. Interval scenes will make you watch the second half of the film. Coming to the complete film, it looks slow from the beginning. So, it loses some points in rating because of this. General Audience is also felt little hard in this screenplay.

Mental Madhilo Story: The hero, who always in confusion to choose something for him. His parents started looking a girl for marriage. Aravind Krishna (Sree Vishnu) failed to choose one from the collection. After three years, finally, he meets Swetha (Nivetha Pethuraj) and then decided to get married. Because of some reasons, the engagement event gets delay for two months. In the meantime, they both make love between each other. Due to office work, he wants to leave for Mumbai. There, he meets another girl and falls in love. The remaining story is how he will get married and who because of his confusion.

Mental Madhilo Rating: Nivetha Pethuraj’s debut film in the Telugu language is this. She did her role as good. Sree Vishnu also did well, while Nivetha’s tomboy character dominates Sree’s role on some portion. Though, the combo of this loving pair looks beautiful.

Because of the good first half of this film, the audience got upset in the second half. The director used the tagline as all the things that happen is only for the reason and he justified too. Prashanth Vihari’s debut music film is it and he has done his job good. Aruna Bhikshu and Nara Rohit’s special appearance also looks good. The supporting characters of Kireeti and Keshav Deepak are also done effectively as the friends of Aravind’s life.

If you are the person who sensible and character-driven, this film is for you all. Watch this perfect Mental Madhilo in Theaters in this weekend. It carries simple story but the characters are real, so it attaches easily to everyone. Because of that, the film bagged positive stars in Rating. We give 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Mental Madhilo Public Talk / Audience Response: Thanks for all Social Media Reviews!

Suresh Alluri‏: It’s a Beautiful film. What a fantastic chemistry with natural performances from Sree Vishnu and Nivetha Pethuraj both of you nailed it. Prasanth’s Music & BGM’s Superb. Well done director.

Ram Pothineni: Just watched Mental Madhilo. Simple story. Engaging screenplay. Natural performances. Tasteful making. Pleasant music & visuals. I’m sure you’ll LOVE this one. Congratulations to Sreevishnu, Raj Kadukuri garu, Vivek, Nivetha & the team. Confusion vadhu. Chuseyachu!

Rahul Ravindran: Just watched Mental Madhilo and it’s a beautiful film! So full of life and so real. Fantastic performances from leads! Met the director on the way out. it’s incredible how young he is… and how seasoned his craft is Superb.

Siddharth munny‏: Watched Mental Madhilo. A simple and beautiful love story that stays in your mind for a long time. Natural performances from lead pair Sreevishnu, Nivetha Pethuraj. Good job by debutante Vivek Athreya. Shivaji Raja, Kireeti Damaraju offered some good laughs. Go and watch without any Confusion.

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