My Dog Ate A Hot Cheeto

Dogs have a strong affinity for cheese. It is common for dogs to drool when they see the word cheese or a snack containing cheese. Some even go so far as to jump up and down when they see it.

Many dog trainers advise caution when allowing your dog to eat cheese due to its strong appeal. Some dogs will become aggressive towards other animals or people in an attempt to obtain more cheese.

This appeal seems to be ingrained in canines as well as some other mammals. A study on raccoons found that their olfactory receptors associated with the scent of limburger cheese were the most active.

Unfortunately, this can lead to some serious problems. Dogs eating too much dry or aged cheeses can develop kidney issues due to too much protein intake. Some softer cheeses like brie and camembert do not contain enough protein for a large breed dog so it is okay to give it to them occasionally.

Hot Cheetos are not healthy for humans either

my dog ate a hot cheeto

While many people enjoy eating Hot Cheetos, they are not meant to be eaten passively. Users must engage in what the internet calls a “chase” with the chip.

You must flick your wrist while holding the chip such that it spins around and around before grabbing it. This requires effort and skill, which is why it is called a chase.

However, if your dog enjoys chasing chips, then giving them a Hot Cheeto may not be such a bad thing after all! A lot of dogs like other snacks like carrots and peanut butter balls, so maybe try those first?

Also, please do not throw this out in the street as litter- whoever catches the disease from that will owe you a beer though.

Share your story about your dog eating hot cheetos

my dog ate a hot cheeto

Now that you have learned how to tell your dog ate a hot cheeto, you can spread the word to other pet parents. Let them know that even if their dog does not appear hungry, a small snack like this can make a big difference.

It is always nice to see people laughing over something good that happened. Having a funny story about your pet is a great way to do this!

If you have pictures of your pet eating the cheeto, even better. People love seeing pets and animals so this will get lots of laughs.

If you have any questions about your pet and their health, or if they are acting differently after the Cheetos, call the clinic at (XXX) XXX-XXXX for health care advice.

The effects of hot cheetos on dogs

my dog ate a hot cheeto

While most dogs would enjoy a crunchy treat, only few dogs would appreciate a Hot Cheeto. Unfortunately, many canines have been known to accidentally eat Hot Cheetos, which can be quite the struggle to get down.

Unfortunately, there have been several cases where a dog has consumed a Hot Cheeto and suffered consequences. The spicy coating on the snack can cause stomach upset and diarrhea in dogs.

If a dog manages to eat an entire chip containing the buttery layer, then they could experience respiratory distress, according to Vet Street. This is due to the high levels of sodium in the chip which dogs cannot process well.

The worst case scenarios include death or emergency surgery for gastric perforation- an injury in the stomach wall that allows contents of the abdomen to enter the outer environment. Śour furry friend will need some serious treatment with antibiotics following this incident.

Is it bad that my dog ate hot cheetos?

my dog ate a hot cheeto

Yes, it is very bad that your dog ate hot cheetos. Although this is a very common occurrence, it is not acceptable. Many dogs have been put down due to eating hot Cheetos, so this is no joke.

Many people do not realize the dangers that lurk within the spicy cheesy goodness of a hot Cheeto. First of all, the bright orange color comes from artificial color named Beta Carotene.

This chemical is found in plants and is what gives them their natural colors. By putting it in the cheese sauce for the hot Cheetos, it makes the cheese look like actual cheddar cheese.

The problem with this is that beta carotene is a vitamin A compound.

What should I do if my dog eats hot cheetos?

my dog ate a hot cheeto

If you dog eats hot cheetos, or any other spicy treats, you should watch him/her for any unusual behavior. If they act normally, then everything was probably fine!

Although it is unlikely, a small possibility exists that the dog could experience gastrointestinal issues as a result of the spicy chip. The dog could also lick their nose and paws due to the spice irritating their skin.

The most likely issue that could occur is vomiting due to the chips being very greasy. If this happens, let your dog outside so they can vomit where it is safe.

If your dog exhibits any other abnormal behavior then you should take them to the vet because this may be a sign of a more serious issue. Your vet would be able to determine if the hot cheetos were the cause or not.

How can I get the hot cheeto smell off my dog?

If your dog gets a hold of a hot cheeto, the first step is to assess the situation. Has your dog eaten any of the cheese puffs? If so, has he or she eaten enough to make them sick?

If your dog has consumed enough of the spicy snack to make them sick, take them to the vet immediately. Depending on what kind of dog you have, this could be very difficult.

Since some dogs like to lick their fur after eating, you can try washing their fur with water. This may get out some of the leftover flavor, but probably won’t get rid of that sharp cheesy smell.

Alternatively, you could try using a diluted shampoo to wash their fur. Make sure it is gentle enough for their skin and doesn’t dry out their fur! You could also use a wet towel to wipe off any residual hot cheesy flavor.

Should I give my dog water with lemon?

my dog ate a hot cheeto

Yes, you should give your dog water with lemon. Many people believe that giving dogs water will make their urine more acidic, making it more difficult to dissolve the crystals that form in the bladder.

This is true, but only if the dog is given large amounts of water. The trick is to give them just enough water to take in enough fluids to keep them hydrated.

Many vets recommend giving dogs water as part of their daily intake so this is not new information. If your dog does not want the taste of water then you can use plain water instead of adding lemon juice to it.

If your dog is urinating less then they may need medical attention and diagnosis so they can get better! Water is very important for kidney function so even if they do not want it, try convincing them to take a sip or two.

How much water should I give my dog?

my dog ate a hot cheeto

It is important to give your dog access to water, but you do not want to give them too much water at once.

Dogs, just like humans, get thirsty. Their body temperature rises when they exercise or get warm, which makes them want to drink.

If you have a toy dog, it may seem like it drinks a lot, but it probably needs about two cups of water a day. Larger dogs may need up to two gallons of water per day!

Keeping a bowl of water out on the counter is an easy way to ensure your dog gets some water. You can also mix up its water with food or ice it down for warmer days.

If your dog is drinking less and less, check in with your vet because that could be a sign of illness.

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