NEM (XEM) news, price, forecast – NEM with TREZOR NanoWallet

NEM with TREZOR NanoWallet

NEM (XEM): One of the leading and most secure hardware wallet ‘TREZOR’ integrated with the NEM as per the update from the official social handle on 21st December. So, NEM is the 12th officially supported cryptocurrency in TREZOR. Now, those who all having NEM crypto coins and other NEM assets can store in Trezor hardware.

In the latest tweet, it reads that “#NEM is officially integrated with Trezor! You can now store $XEM and other NEM assets in #TREZOR hardware wallet.” The SathoshiLabs and Foundation has announced and launched the NEM NanoWallet with the help of the world’s first hardware wallet ‘TREZOR’ now.

At present, XEM is at ninth position in the table according to the Coin Market Cap. The growth of this coin is like the speed of rocket in a couple of weeks in this December 2017. This is the first time in the life period of this coin, that it reaches 1.06 USD on 19th December as highest and also it roaming between the 0.94 and 1.04 at present as of 21st December.

NEM with TREZOR NanoWallet

If you need to know complete details about the new Nano Wallet, then Check this official forum of NEM.

Features of this Nano Wallet: Simple and mosaic transfers, Namespaces & mosaics, Create and edit multisignature contracts, Delegated harvesting & income chart, Plain & encrypted messaging, Apostille module, Transactions to alias (@namespace), BIP32 accounts, NCC wallet support, Market information, Balance in many currencies, Changelly & ShapeShift Exchanges, Address book, Voting module (in maintenance), and Trezor support.

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