No1 Yaari with Rana- Rana Daggubati Debut on Television

No 1 Yaari with Rana: Like as Junior NTR small screen debut in Big Boss show, Baahubali Villain Rana Daggubati also making his small screen debut with New Chat Show “No 1 Yaari with Rana”. Rana already busy in his upcoming movie Nene Raju Nene Mantri had make a time for this show and officially tweeted on his Twitter page as ” TV a space I’ve always been fascinated with, for the first time, direct to your home as TV Host ‘No1 Yaari with Rana’ teaser at 5 pm #No1Yaari,” and added, “To celebrate the greatest friendships with your favourite stars, coming to your homes, #No1Yaari with Rana @GeminiTV @McDowellsNo1 #VIU.”

He tweeted, “To celebrate the most significant friendships with your favorite stars, coming to your homes, #No1Yaari with Rana @GeminiTV @McDowellsNo1 #VIU ”  

This show concept is same as our Tamil Chat Show “Anbudan DD” broadcast in Star Vijay. The concept of this show is bringing celebrities to the show and asking about their real life incidents; interesting facts happened in their lives, their unforgettable moments, and personal lives. Earlier, Rana host many awards show but this is the first time he hosts a show in small screen, and this show is 100% apt for him. With his humor sense and funny acts, he makes this show successful. They also planned to give so many surprises to the celebrities without their knowledge. The show was telecast in Gemini TV. As per the Reports, Gemini TV offered an enormous amount to Rana Daggubati for the show. His fans are excited about the show. He has been getting best wishes from his fans and industry friends for the new endeavor. No 1 Yaari with Rana will be aired on Gemini TV. However, the dates haven’t been announced as of now. It looks like Rana is enjoying the spotlight and doing some interesting projects.

The actor is currently busy with his upcoming movie Nene Raju Nene Mantri; it is second political thriller film for him after the Leader. He plays the role of Raja Jogendra, directed by Teja. Suresh Babu produced the film. The expectation for this movie was very high because it is his next movie after Baahubali success. Stay tuned for more updates.

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