Normal Cat Urine Color Chart

Cat urine color is important to notice when noticing your cat pee. Because cats are territorial animals, they will spray urine to mark their territory as safe.

They will also spray urine to express frustration or as a greeting. So, if you see your cat urinate in unusual places, it is important to check the color of the urine.

Bright or dark orange urine indicates blood in the urinary system. This is a pain health concern that requires a vet visit. Bright or dark yellow urine indicates a health problem called chronic renal failure or CKD. This condition needs medical attention and treatment.

Light orange or faint yellow urine does not indicate an immediate health concern, but may indicate dehydration. Ensuring your cat drinks enough water is important to prevent this issue from getting worse.

Finally, blotting urines of any color out on paper tests whether it is thin or not. If it is thick, then there is a potential issue with the kidneys.

What causes orange cat urine?

normal cat urine color chart

A few things can cause orange cat urine, and one of the most common is a diet high in protein. As cats are carnivores, their diets should be rich in meat.

Some foods like tuna and chicken are very rich in protein, so if your kitty prefers those over meat, they can end up with a high-protein diet.

If your cat is drinking plenty of water but still passing concentrated urine, then they may be suffering from a urinary tract infection or other disease that causes water retention.

Contact your veterinarian immediately if your cat is having difficulty urinating, is bleeding when urinating, or is passing blood in the urine. These could be signs of a more serious problem.

If you notice any symptoms of urinary tract infection in your cat, take them to the veterinarian to get checked out.

What causes dark yellow cat urine?

normal cat urine color chart

Sometimes, the cause of dark yellow cat urine is not because of eating a diet high in protein. Sometimes, it is because your cat is dehydrated.

If your cat is drinking less water than usual, they can develop urine that is darker in color due to less water to dilute the proteins. This can be due to a variety of reasons, including having an empty water bowl nearby or being distracted while trying to drink water.

Remember: the more concentrated the urine is, the brighter it will be in color.

What causes bright yellow cat urine?

normal cat urine color chart

A few factors can cause orange or bright yellow urine. One of the most common is a diet high in protein. As cats are carnivores, their diets should be rich in meat protein.

Processed cat food often contains high levels of protein as well. Because cats are very meticulous about what they eat, often only taking small bites and licking their paws clean, it can be hard to tell if they are hungry or not.

If your cat is looking for more food, they may just be hungry for more high-quality protein. A small change in appetite can have large consequences on the litter box.

Other factors that can cause bright yellow urine include bilirubin disorders, liver disease, and urinary tract infections (UTIs). Bilirubin is a chemical that comes from broken down red blood cells.

What causes dark amber cat urine?

Dark amber cat urine is most commonly caused by diet. If your cat eats a lot of meat, he or she may be getting lots of taurine in their diet.

Taurine is an amino acid that is naturally found in meat. Most commercial diets include enough taurine to ensure healthy cats, but if your kitty gets most of his or her food from home, there may be a lack of protein in their diet.

Too much taurine in the system can cause brownish urine. This is a serious indication of health problems, such as liver damage or jaundice. If you notice this in your cat, please take them to the vet!

If your kitty does not eat much meat and they are urinating more often than usual, then there may be a problem with the kidneys.

What causes bright amber cat urine?

normal cat urine color chart

A very bright amber color in your cat’s urine may indicate beta-carotene in their diet. Beta-carotene is a nutrient found in foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, and fruits and vegetables.

Some cats may prefer to eat grass when they have digestive issues, so if your cat has eaten grass before, this could be the cause of the bright orange urine.

Other causes include liver problems, kidney problems, and urinary tract infections. If you notice any other symptoms along with the bright orange urine, such as weight loss or vomiting, please see a vet for a diagnosis and treatment.

Again, if you have never seen orange urine before, but you notice it now, it is worth mentioning to your vet. It could be a sign of something going on inside that they need to know about.

Why is my cat drinking a lot of water?

normal cat urine color chart

Water consumption is one of the most common symptoms associated with illness in cats. If your cat is drinking more water than usual, he or she may have a health problem.

Some diseases and disorders can cause your cat to feel thirsty even when his or her body is fully hydrated. Diuretic medications, urinary tract infections, and feline diabetes are some examples.

Canine diabetes can also cause your cat to urinate more often due to increased urine production. Urinary tract infections and some types of cancer can also lead to increased urine production.

If you notice your cat drinking a lot of water and/or urinating more often, contact your veterinarian immediately. He or she will be able to determine if there is something wrong and what needs to be done about it.

Does my cat have a urinary tract infection?

normal cat urine color chart

If you notice your cat urinating outside the litter box, this may be a sign of a urinary tract infection. Typically, cats prefer to urine in the box over any other surface because it smells like their territory.

If your cat is spraying outside the box, it may be a sign of a UTI due to the discomfort associated with going to the bathroom.

The pain associated with a UTI can make it hard for your cat to relax and go to the bathroom, which is why they may choose an area outside of the box.

Urinary tract infections are not just limited to women- anyone can get one, including your cat! They are caused by bacteria in the urine moving up into the urinary tract and causing an infection.

This is why antibiotics are used to treat them- to kill off the bacteria causing the infection.

When should I take my cat to the vet for urination issues?

normal cat urine color chart

If you notice your cat urinating in unusual places or in increased frequency, it may be a sign of a UTI. If your cat is urinating outside the litter box and there is blood in the urine, it is an emergency and you should take them to the vet immediately.

UTIs in cats can cause pain when urinating, so if your kitty is meowing or acting restless during use of the litter box or during peeing, that’s a sign.

If your cat has been drinking more water than usual and is still producing little urine, then there may be a problem with the kidneys. A vet would be able to tell you if this is the case.

When taking your cat to the vet for UTI’s or other urinary issues, make sure to mention any changes in behavior such as in the case of constipation.

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