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Oviya is the trending on twitter at the position of first just after the episode of July 21, Friday. Because of the incidents which happened with the housemate make this trend as big in India. Check the celebrities and few other interesting tweets in this post. We collected few from Twitter and other social media. Share your thoughts if any about Oviya in the comment box.

Oviya won million of hearts even Celebrities

Chinmayi: My husband and BILs getting upset. Yaaru da enga Oviya papa va azhavechadhu. We wanna adopt Oviya papa. Tell procedure. That aside – I definitely think Oviya is a great example – Tell it as it is on your face, no backbiting and a sunshine girl. Admire her.

AGS producer Archana Kalpathi replied to Chinmayi’s tweet as “Yea I agree with them. Semma attitude and so chilled out. Love here. Oviya is my fav to take the title.”

STR (Simbu): If someone is different and not like the rest; it’s better to leave them alone than blaming and cornering.

Suza Kumar: So heartbreaking to see Oviya cry. I wish Kamal sir question every one of them who use filthy words and treat her so low.

Priya Anand shares her support through Behindwoods interview for Oviya.

Anjana Rangan (VJ): Oviya is winning hearts, big time!!

Aishwarya Rajesh tweeted against Julie and supporting Oviya. Her most recent tweet reads that “Can give Oscar for Julie”

Sri Priya: I too voted to Oviya.. my vote saved.yeh!

One of the old interviews of Oviya on Jaya TV has also over on social media. Watch it:

Actor Sathish: Oviya endra oru pennai jeyikka vekka meedhi 4 pengalum evlo poraaduraanga….?!? BigBoss Art director set a pirichi eduththuttu pora varaikkum #Oviya anga dhan pa iruppaanga. Don’t waste ur nominations guys. “Oviya Nadikkiraanga” – Julie.
Idhu eppudi irukku theriyuma Kanja Karuppu Ennai kalaaikkirar nu Kavundamani sonna madhiri irukku.

Actor Karunakaran: Big Boss help Oviya.

Sudhish Kamath @SudhishKamath: Bigg Boss is so big in TN rn that actress Oviya is an overnight sensation with her own T-shirt catchphrase (in Hindi: “Aap Shut Up Kijiye”)

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