Raised Dog Bed For Window

Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes. You can get dog beds in the shape of a bone, circle, square, rectangle, sofa-shaped, and many more shapes. You can also get dog beds in different materials.

They can be plushy, cotton, leather, aluminum, and metal frames. Some are designed for indoors use only, while others are designed for outdoor use as well.

The unique idea of a raised window dog bed is quite charming. This would be perfect for indoor dogs that like to lay in the window to watch outside or to cool off if they cannot go outside due to being an indoor pet.

The beautiful part about this project is how easy it is to make! Most of the materials needed you probably have around your home already.


raised dog bed for window

To make a dog bed for the window, you will need to gather some materials. The first is the cushion for the bed. You can use pillows, soft blankets, dog beds, or even soft towels if you are skilled in making dog beds!

Then, you will need some kind of frame to put the cushion on. A window frame is ideal as it is sturdy and has posts to put the frame onto. You can also use a metal or wood shelf that is wide enough and long enough for the dog to lie down comfortably.

You will also need string or rope to tie the bed to the window frame so that it does not slide down. Zip ties are also good for securing the bed in place.

The last thing needed is some kind of covering for the bed.


raised dog bed for window

When choosing what size dog bed for a window, you want to make sure it is big enough for your pooch to comfortably lie down and get up.

If the dog bed is too small, your dog may try to squeeze into the bed, which can lead to discomfort and possibly injuries. A good rule of thumb is to double the length of the bed and cover it with padding.

For example, if you buy a bed that is 6 inches long, then purchase a 12-inch long bed so that there is enough space for them to relax and move around. Then add some cushioning so they are comfortable!

Some dogs like to perch on things, so if your pooch likes to sit on the windowsill or on top of their new dog bed, then make sure to buy one that is sturdy enough to handle that.

Basics of construction

raised dog bed for window

When making your own dog bed, you will need to know the basics of construction. How will you shape the bed? What kind of material will you use? And how will you sew it all together?

For shape, you can make your dog bed shaped like a pillow, a box, or a basket. For the material, depending on your pet and their needs, there are several quality options. For example, if your pet has allergies, then a soft suede or microfiber would be great as they are hypoallergenic.

For those who are not very crafty or do not have access to machines to sew with, there is one more option: buy a pre-made inner cushion and lay it in a pre-made bed frame. This way you still get the solid structure and your pet is still comfortable!

Check out some online sellers for these supplies to find good deals.

Finish your dog bed

raised dog bed for window

Once you have all of the materials needed to make your dog bed, it is time to put it together. Create a layout of the pieces and where they go on a piece of paper and then draw how it goes together.

This will help you figure out if you have the correct pieces and where they go. Once that is done, connect all of the pieces and fluff up the pillows to top off your awesome dog bed!

Your pup is going to love this bed for years to come, so make sure you take lots of pictures to remember how it came together and how beautiful it is.

Add a back to your dog bed

raised dog bed for window

While dog beds are great, you can take them a step further by adding a back to them. Usually, dog beds are just a surface for your pet to lay on.

Some are shaped like dogs and have heads, others are rectangular or square shaped. By adding a back to the bed, your dog will feel more protected and comfortable.

They will also use it more if they feel like they have a space of their own. A back can be as simple as tying some strings across the bed to make a line where the back is.

Some people make wooden backs for the bed or put frames on them, it all depends on how fancy you want to get!

Another way to add a back is to purchase pillows and place them backwards on the bed. This way, your pet will still feel like they have some protection from behind.

Add legs to your dog bed

raised dog bed for window

A cool way to do this is to add legs to your dog bed. You can get dog beds with feet already attached, or you can get plain dog bed models and add your own feet.

If you choose to add your own feet, you can get any type of material for the feet and then just glue them on. You can use wood, plastic, or even metal if your dog is not too heavy.

A fun way to do this is by getting canvas and sewing in feet. This is a fun project for you and your pup to enjoy together!

By letting the bed hang slightly below the window sill, your dog will have a nice place to rest his head while he watches the world go by outside.

Make it cozy

raised dog bed for window

Once you have the frame, the next step is to add the fur or fabric. You can use a dog bed or mattress as a substitute if you cannot find fur at your local pet store or grocery store fabric bins.

Some popular fabrics used are sheep wool, polar fleece, and canine leather. Sheep wool is most expensive and most effective at keeping your pup warm.

Poly-fill can also be used to add some padding. A common mistake people make is using cotton which dogs do not like the feel or smell of. If you choose to use cotton, make sure to wash it before using so that it does not retain odor.

Choose the location of your dog bed

raised dog bed for window

After you have chosen the type of dog bed you would like, you must decide where to put it. Most people put their dog beds in the basement, where the dog has its own space.

Some people put them in the living room, so the dog has a space to lay in front of the window. This is a good place for it if you have a nice view outside and want your pup to watch what is going on.

Others place their dogs’ beds in their crates, or they have a special crate that has a built-up bed inside of it. This is good for when the dog is napping or sleeping at night, as they are cozy and secure.

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