Rajinikanth Official Announcement on Political Entry

Rajinikanth Political Entry

Rajinikanth Political Entry: Rajinikanth on December 31st has announced his political entry on the sixth day of his fans meet. Rajinikanth fans meet was organized in Sree Raghavendra Mandapam, Chennai for the past five days. On the sixth day, he officially announced in the upcoming year his political entry is confirmed.

Initially, he said that he is afraid of media people. But later he gave his speech about his political entry. At the next battle, his party will definitely be there. It is hoped that the symbol of the party may be Baba symbol. Rajini also said that it is not that much easy to win any new party in the election. But he will give his full efforts with the support of his fans and people.

Rajinikanth Political Entry

Rajinikanth Speech

Rajinikanth has said that he will start a new party in the next election and stand in all the 234 areas. This decision is because of recent political issues in Tamil Nadu that occurred due to ruling and opposition parties. He also said that he will do best for the people of Tamil Nadu who made him a SuperStar.

He concluded by saying he has God’s wish and people support will make him win the election. He said the current Political people are not doing any favor. They made Tamil Nadu to down when compared to other states. He needs to change the system accordingly to fulfill the needs of people. He also said that he does not need followers but good bodyguards who wish to serve people.

Through his followers, his party club will be developed. He wants all ladies, gentlemen, literate people, illiterate people everyone to be in his club. At the right time, he wishes to start a party and make Tamil Nadu a better one. The principle of his party is the truth, hard work, and growth (Unmai, Uzhaipu, Uyarvu).

On hearing this news about Rajini’s political entry, his fans enjoyed a lost by distributing sweets and cracking the fire. It is the great news for this new year 2018 and hopes the level of Tamil Nadu will change and all the issues will be cleared soon. I wish everyone a Happy New Year 2018 in advance with the great news of Rajini’s Political Entry.

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