Sangu Chakkaram Movie Review & Rating


Sangu Chakkaram: Sangu Chakkaram is the Indian Tamil language fantasy Horror Comedy film which is written and directed by Maarison. Dhilip Subbarayan plays the lead the flick and the music were composed by Shabir. Ravi Kannan’s cinematography and Vijay Velkutty’s editing has made the movie a fantastic one.

Geetha, N Raja, Pradeep, Rocky, Jeremy Roske, Nishesh, Monicka, Swaksha and others have played the supporting roles. The movie Sangu Chakkaram revolves around eight children. AngayarKanni (Geetha) and Malar (Baby Monicka) are the ghosts in the film.  A group of kids gets trapped in a haunted palace, while a realtor plans to sell the palace. What follows next is the interesting part of the story Sangu Chakkaram.

Sangu Chakkaram Movie Review

Sangu Chakkaram Movie Review

The film Sangu Chakkaram is fully a children based movie with lots of comedy. The film does not drag around to narrate the past of the ghosts like other ghost movies, which makes it a light-hearted film. The film will be mostly liked by the kids. Adults might not like the film as the film has jokes at the children level.

The audience response to the Sangu Chakkaram movie is horror comedy without any flashback for ghosts and the way of kids interrogating the ghosts is really good. Children will definitely like the movie and the film has credits with Rajinikanth political entry touch at the end.

Sangu Chakkaram Movie Rating

The rating for the film Sangu Chakkaram is 3 out of 5 (3/5). Sangu Chakkaram is a worth watching movie with family and kids as they love the movie and enjoy the funs in it.


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