Sathyabama University First Year Student Commit Suicide – Hostellers in Violence


Sathyabama University: First-year College girl of Sathyabama University has committed suicide today (November 22). RagaMonika is a new joiner of Sathyabama University pursuing the first year and she was in her first semester examination. She committed suicide as she was in depression after she caught for copying in the examination.

At the exam hall, she was found copying the exam. The teachers asked her to give the paper and submit her identity card and asked her to leave. Then she was taken to the Principal and finally returned to the hostel. Once she returned to the hostel, she committed suicide.

After that, there arises a big problem in the University and in hostels. Students of Sathyabama University intentionally made fire accident in the hostel bed, mess after this incident. This has become the big issue in Chennai on Wednesday night. Students have kept the fire on the library and buses of Sathyabama University.

Police and fire station has arrived the spot and reached the Sathyabama University hostels. Fire Service are trying to extinguish the fire in the hostels and the situation is returning back to the normal. But students were involved in violent action. Now Policemen surrounded the University for the Protection. Finally, the situation is under control in the Sathyabama University and the college will be on leave for a month. The College will be reopened in January 2018.

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