Shar Pei And Pitbull Mix

A few years back, I read an article about two very different dog breeds that were able to bond over shared love of chewing. The author discussed how both dogs needed to be motivated by the same desire to chew before they could enjoy it together, but once they did, these pair would spend hours doing so while passing each other’s snacks.

She noted that this type of relationship was unique because it took place outside of nature where most animals are designed to play. These types of bonds are what make some people say that dogs have “manners”.

The article also mentioned that although there is no scientific proof that this can work with all pairs of dogs, those who have tried it report having fun watching them interact. Since then, many pooches and pit bulls have been linked on social media sites like Instagram looking for a match!

Some owners have even made their canine companion its new best friend. Others have received compliments from guests on how well the pair gets along after meeting at the park or the home gym.

History of the Pitbull

shar pei and pitbull mix

The pit bull is one of the most recognizable dog breeds in the world. They have had quite the legacy since they were first bred around 1840 in England as working dogs that were used for guarding or retrieving game.

They are characterized by their strong will, protective nature, and playful spirit. Because of these traits, the breed has been popular both as a guardian dog and as a fun loving companion.

However, not every individual animal is an appropriate match to begin owning a dog. Before you decide whether this is a friendly face you want to include in your life, do some research.

You can start with looking at pictures and reading comments about any given dog before deciding if it’s a good fit. There are many sites where you can find reviews written by past owners so that you know what to expect from time to time!

There are also several organizations that focus on protecting vulnerable groups of people, like those who use wheelchairs, or individuals whose safety is compromised due to allergies or other health conditions. By educating yourself about potential risk factors, you can make sure that your new pet isn’t a threat to anyone else.

Genetics of the Shar Pei

shar pei and pitbull mix

The genetics behind why some dogs are very aggressive is an interesting topic! There are two major theories that explain this behavior in certain breeds, though they both refer to the same thing. These theories are referred to as the Socialization Theory and the Predator Behavior Theory.

The socialization theory states that some dog breeds are more likely to be attacked because they learn how to behave around other dogs when they are puppies. This happens through interactions with other puppies or adults in the breed who have similar behaviors. As these older dogs grow up, their lack of tolerance for other dogs makes them more likely to get bitten or even attacked by another dog.

Some people believe that this tendency towards aggression can be bred out, but there is no clear proof supporting this claim. Many different factors contribute to whether a puppy learns good social habits or if it develops agressive tendencies, so this is not easy to do. Even if you choose a breed that seems less likely to be aggressive, like a Labrador Retriever, your individual pup may still be influenced by its genes to act aggressively towards others.

The predator behavior theory suggests that some dogs are naturally drawn to animals that could potentially hurt or eat them, and that includes other dogs. Some individuals develop protective instincts and feel compelled to intervene when they see signs that another dog might attack.

This protective instinct can go too far, however, sometimes leading to attacks and injuries.

Genetics of the Pitbull

shar pei and pitbull mix

The genetics of dogs are more complicated than many people realize! There are four main factors that determine how much aggressive behavior a dog will show, and what kind of behaviors they will exhibit. These genetic traits can be either positive or negative depending on whether you want an animal to protect and take care of others or if you want it to pose a threat and hurt other animals or humans.

The most important thing to know about aggression in dogs is that it’s not always related to past experiences. A dog with dominant or bold genetics may still remain calm around strangers but become overly protective of loved ones. This could also go the opposite way where a shy, friendly dog becomes aggressively territorial and protective of his/her home area.

There are three major gene contributors to canine aggression. These include genes for histamine regulation, adrenal gland function, and serotonergic functioning (the chemical messaging system in your brain). When these functions are off-balance this can lead to behavioral issues like aggressiveness towards things such as unknown people, animals, or objects.

This article will talk more in depth about each one of these genetic risk factors along with some potential symptoms so that you are able to identify potentially dangerous dogs before anything happens. However, even if you find out that your dog has bad genetics after reading this, don’t get rid of them! Just make sure to socialize them properly and give them appropriate amounts of attention and love.

Ways that the two breeds mix

shar pei and pitbull mix

The most popular breed mixes are between a white, shaded or heavily lined dog as the top layer with a very dark colored coat underneath to show off their brindled coloration. These dogs are typically referred to as being of mixed-color pattern.

Another common combination is a long haired black dog with short hair for an undercoat which is sometimes referred to as a wirehaired look. A few examples of this include English bulldogs and poodles, Frenchies and boxers, and many different types of terriers such as german shepherds, bernese mountain dogs, and rotweilers.

A less known mixture is a white caucasian spaniel like a labrador retriever who will not grow tall leggings but has instead fur around the thighs which resembles those of a foxhound. This is because some spaniels have distant ancestors that were bred from a foxhounds parent and a caucasian parent!”

Some people combine these types of dogs together in special groups called packs. For example, a boxer may be paired up with a shorter, stockier dog similar to themselves to make a chase team or a german shepherd might be matched up next to another German Shepherd so they can learn how to herd and take care of a bigger pack member.

These pairs are trained together and understood to be one group or family unit.

Examples of the mix

shar pei and pitbull mix

The most famous example of this combination is probably Misty, the shar pei who now has her own show! She was born in 1989 when she met Brett, an 8-year old pit bull terrier mix. They were both at the same shelter together and they immediately hit it off and became inseparable.

Brett took up much of his owner’s time, so he received more attention than anyone else did. He learned how to sit, shake hands, and beg for food and water like no one else had ever done before.

He also mastered trickery tricks such as grabbing your hand and trying to pull you away so that he can be fed even though he just ate minutes ago. This made people laugh and give him extra meals because he was very convincing.

After two years together, Misty was adopted by a family where she would live with another dog. Although she loved her new home, she always looked forward to going back to Brett’s house. It didn’t take long until she was ready to say goodbye and go their separate ways.

She still visits Brett every week and sleeps next to him almost every night, but not quite enough for him to realize that she will never be his forever companion. Sometimes he gets upset about this, but mostly he accepts her for what she is and loves her anyway.

Difference between the two breeds


The first thing to note about shar peis is that they are not really a breed of dog. They are a type or color of dog!

Theirs is one of the most recognizable types in canine history. There are over twenty different registered coat colors for shar peis, with many more being considered variations of those colors.

But beyond their looks, there is very little difference when it comes to what these dogs can be trained to do. This makes them valuable companions, even though some people may find their appearance intimidating at first glance.

A major component of any good owner is knowing how to manage his or her dog’s emotions. Because of this, many individuals will choose to keep their distance from shar peis due to fear or lack of understanding.

That cannot be a good thing for you as an owner!

If you have ever wanted a puppy, but were too scared to get one because of the size of the animal, a sharpei might be your chance to have a nice sized dog. These puppies are almost always friendly towards other animals and humans.

Encouraging the Shar Pei to show temperament

shar pei and pitbull mix

The first time you meet your new companion has always been important, as they will spend most of their life with you! Therefore, it is very important to like each other at this initial stage.

If possible, try to take the dog for a short walk so that both of you can get to know one another more effectively. This way you can also see if there are any health or social issues that may prevent proper bonding.

Since dogs have such strong personalities, you should be able to tell whether or not the two of you will be best friends by looking into their eyes. If you feel comfortable around him, then he’s probably friendly towards you as well.

The main thing is to just treat him with respect and ask about his family once again. Hopefully, he will give you some clues about how things go in between you.

Encouraging the Pitbull to show restraint

shar pei and pitbull mix

If you are ever in a situation where your dog needs to be put down or need to be saved, then there is another way to do it. You can try to get through with as little aggression as possible.

This doesn’t mean give up hope though! It means don’t let anger take over. Try your best to remain calm and rational.

Try reasoning with the animal instead of giving into angry feelings. Tell them what good dogs they already are and how much they want to live.

Sadly, some animals learn bad behaviors from their owners so try not to make things worse for yourself.

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