Super Giant Leopard Gecko Vs Normal

Giant leopard geckos are a large part of the lizard community. These lizards are very popular due to their cool looks and size.

They can grow up to eight to nine feet long and weigh over two pounds. This makes them one of the largest lizard species in existence. Due to their size, they require larger cages and food portions.

Like any creature, there are different color variations. Some are lighter or have more prominent spots than others. This is not considered a different species, just a different look.

There is one type of giant leopard gecko that is known for being bigger and stronger than the normal ones. This type of lizard is the super giant leopard gecko! Little is known about them, so this article will enlighten you on all of their facts.


super giant leopard gecko vs normal

While leopard geckos have very little personality, super giant leopard geckos seem to have even less. This may be because they are less social and require more space.

Like other reptiles, super giant leopard geckos like to bask in the sun and under heat lamps. This is to regulate their temperature as it gets colder outside.

They also like to eat at the same time each day, so setting a schedule for feeding is another way they are personalityful.

Overall, super giant leopard geckos are very simple reptiles that do not require much of a personality. If you are looking for a reptile that does not interact much, then this is the one for you!

Surprisingly, one of the most active reptiles is the crocodile. They are known for being lazy but they actually spend a lot of time moving around, hunting, and socializing with other crocodiles.


super giant leopard gecko vs normal

When considering what size leopard gecko you want, make sure to look at the length. Most lizards prefer longer lizards over shorter ones because of natural instinct.

Short leopard geckos may be targeted by larger ones due to lack of hiding spots. Longer ones may be more expensive due to scarcity and demand.

Baby leopard geckos are typically for hobbyists that want to raise them until they are adults and then produce offspring. This is a very involved process that requires a lot of time, care, and money.

However, if you are looking for a pet that will stay small, then a baby leopard gecko is the way to go!

Genuinely wild caught leopard geckos are becoming more and more rare as the demand increases. If you are looking for an authentic wild caught lizard, make sure it is accredited or certified.


super giant leopard gecko vs normal

When choosing a leopard gecko habitat, make sure it is large enough! A good rule of thumb is 5 square feet per gecko.

They are relatively small reptiles, so a smaller cage will still be enough space for them. A classic tall rectangular zoo cage works great!

Leopard geckos do not need vertical space, so a flat tank or bowl is fine. Just make sure it is not too big of a diameter or the lizard will struggle to climb out.

The bigger the space, the more hiding spots and territory the gecko will have which helps mental health. A constantly changing environment is important for keeping your leopard gecko happy and healthy.

Other recommended accessories include hides, climbing toys, and litter boxes. Hides can be any color as long as they are large enough for the lizard to fit in. Climbing toys can be plastic or wood based depending on the species of lizard. Litter boxes depend on the gender of the lizard, male or female.


super giant leopard gecko vs normal

When feeding your leopard gecko, always make sure they have enough food. Too much food can lead to weight gain, weight loss can lead to malnutrition, and either can be harmful.

Geckos are insectivores, which means they eat mostly insects. You can either feed your gecko crickets or a commercial diet depending on the brand. Most feedings occur twice a week depending on the size of the gecko.

Crickets must be in appropriate size ranges or your gecko may struggle to subdue it. Too small a cricket may result in death by suffocation as it is struggled to be pulled apart. Too large a cricket may result in too much muscle mass being consumed, leaving less nutrition for other parts of the insect like the legs.

The best way to tell if your gecko is getting enough nutrition is by checking its weight and looking at its shed layer quality.

Conservation status

super giant leopard gecko vs normal

The conservation status of leopard geckos is Vulnerable. As mentioned earlier, the main reason for this designation is the widespread collection of leopard geckos for the pet trade.

The lizard trade has increased in popularity in the past few decades, making it harder for species like the leopard gecko to recover. Increased demand leads to more collection, and that increases the demand for more lizards.

This also makes it harder for populations in the wild to recover from natural disasters or other threats. If people have an interest in collecting them, then there will be an increased demand for them, even if there is a natural decline in their population size.

In addition to this, individuals in the wild that may be impacted by environmental changes (such as climate change) may have a hard time recovering because of lack of interest from people.


super giant leopard gecko vs normal

Gecko pricing is dependent on a few things. Gecko species, size, coloration, and gender all affect the price.

Gecko dealers will often have sale days where some geckos will be discounted due to species, size, or coloration. This is an excellent time to acquire a gecko as you will get a high-quality one at a low price!

The market price for geckos changes frequently so it is hard to say what a good price is. A good rule of thumb is to look at listings and see what ones are being sold for then go under or slightly above that.

You want to make sure you are buying a healthy gecko at a good price though! Make sure to ask the seller questions if you are unsure.

Where to buy?

super giant leopard gecko vs normal

When looking for a leopard gecko, the best place to buy is either at a show or from a reliable seller. At a show, you can see all the different types and colors of leopard geckos and decide which one you like.

You can also meet the owner and ask questions about their lizard. By buying from a show, you can be more confident in your purchase because you know it is a healthy lizard.

From a reliable seller, you can buy via ad or online. Ad sellers usually have reptiles for sale so you can just look on Craigslist or in the newspaper to find one! Online sellers typically have reviews so you can check how people liked their purchase and if they were satisfied.

When buying online, make sure to check if the seller is located in the same country as you so it is legal to buy and take home.


super giant leopard gecko vs normal

When looking to get a leopard gecko, make sure you get the right species. There are two main species: northern and southern.

Northern leopard geckos are known for being very vibrant in color and having dots all over their skin. They also tend to be smaller in size as adults, ranging from 1 to 1.5 feet.

Southern leopard geckos are known for being very large in size as adults, up to 5 feet! They also tend to be one solid color with no dots on the skin.

So make sure you check what species your potential leopard gecko is before buying it!

When buying a leopard gecko, it is important to know if it is a male or female. This is determined by looking at the sex organs. For males, they have a bulge that looks like a tiny penis, and for females, they have a hole that looks like a vagina.

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