Thiri Movie Review, Story, Rating & Audience Response


Thiri Movie Review: Thiri is an upcoming Tamil political thriller film directed by Ashok Amritharaj. The film casts  Ashwin K, Swathi, Jayaprakash, AL Azhagappan, Arjai, Karunakaran, Daniel Anne Pope, Anupama Kumar in lead roles. Anton Ranjith S and Vetri Kumaran M produced the film. The cinematography and edition are taken care by KG Venkatesh and Raja Sethupathi S.P respectively. Ajesh composed the music.

Thiri Movie Review, Story, Rating & Audience Response

Thiri Movie Story Plot:

The story revolves around Ashwin (Jeeva), a mechanical engineering student. Jayaprakash Ashwin’s father was strict in outside but loves his son, a caring mother (Anupama Kumar), and a loving sister. Even he had a girlfriend the most gorgeous Actress Swathi. Swathi had a love interest on Ashwin. Their love scenes are looking matured. Ashwin life was move smoothly without any problems.

But there was a turn when Kishore (Arjai) correspondent of Jeeva’s college, involves jeeva into an problem for seeking revenge. Swathi’s father was pressurised by a bad politician Angannan (AL Azhagappan) to win an upcoming election, into selling his land for a lesser price. While, Jeeva had a problem with Kishore. Kishore has his revenge by messing with Jeeva’s conduct certificate. When Jeeva realises that both the fathe rans son not let him in peace, he decided to fight back against Kishore and Angannan. The script was good and the bond between the father and son was showed well. Jayaprakash and Ashwin makes these scenes linger long.

Jayaprakash’s dialogues are really realm. Ashwin and Swathi make a perfect combo in the film. But some characters tested our patience with unwanted comedy.

Thiri Movie Rating & Audience Response:

Thiri Movie Rating: 2.5/5

Audience Response:

Good script, Lovely Pair, Ashwin and Swathi played their role well. The film is all worth to watch by neglecting some unwanted scenes.

The film is released on big screens on July 14, 2017. Stay tuned for more updates.

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