Timo Werner is gossiped to be next player of Liverpool, check it out on all online betting games on 1xBet

As Daily Mail reports Liverpool will land Leipzig’s player Timo Werner who is a great player and you certainly enjoy watching his matches. He will play at frontline in Liverpool and certainly increase Liverpool’s chance of winning. You can place your bets on Liverpool online now and any other team you would like and is your favorite on all online betting games on 1xBet.

However, Werner has a release clause worth 51 million pounds, which will harden this transfer. He has some amazing achievements in Bundesliga such as having scored 20 goals in 21 matches. He has amazing skills and abilities to fool with defenders and score amazing goals. You should definitely place some bets on Liverpool since they are really great this season. You can do it on all online betting games on 1xBet.

Is Bayern also looking to transfer Werner to their team – Not interested in football? Enjoy cricket betting on 1xBet

Liverpool has been informed that they will not have a rival in Bayern Munich when it comes to Timo Werner. However, Liverpool has decided to pay out Werner’s clause worth 51 million pounds and it seems that nothing stands between Werner and Liverpool now. It is yet to see how Werner will perform in Liverpool, but summer seems far away and that is when the transfer will happen. Not a fan of football? If you want bet on cricket and your favorite teams, check out cricket betting on 1xBet website.

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Who are the top tennis players in the world and why are they the most famous one in the history of tennis, watch tennis online on 1xBet.in

Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are not only the most famous tennis players now, but also in history of tennis. Why is that so, though? It is most certainly because they have achieved more than any other players in the history of tennis. Federer holds the record for most Slams. Together they have won the most Slams in the history of tennis. All of their matches against each other are epic and people just enjoy to watch them play. If you are passionate about tennis, place a bet on your favorite tennis player and watch tennis online on 1xBet.in.

Check out which Slams Novak have won:

  • Australian Open
  • Wimbledon
  • French Open
  • US Open

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