Cryptocurrency Investment: Top 4 Cryptos to Invest on April 2021

Cryptocurrency Investment
Cryptocurrency Investment

Top Cryptos to Invest on: After seeing the recent price of Bitcoin, investors are keen to know what is the best cryptocurrency to invest in right now to help you better navigate the market and the abundance of opportunities to offer. Let us see the top four Altcoins cryptos to invest that will have massive potential in April 2021.

The first coin that will move high this April in Enjin Coin (enj) which is ranked 51st position in the market cap. Engine company is behind engine Network, which is a social gaming platform. On this platform, users can create websites, clans, virtual shops, rave chats and other features that come with the gaming world.

Cryptocurrency Investment
Cryptocurrency Investment

They use the Enjin coin, which runs on the Ethereum block chain using erc20. This coin backs the digital assets, which are used on the platform and acts as the sole medium of exchange. As everytime events, news and upgrades about the coin will push its price higher, there are multiple events and upgrades coming ahead for Enjin COin ENJ. It has jump net update on 6th April about its affinity launch on December 2021, which makes it a good coin for long term hold as well.

The second coin is Elrond (EGLD). This Elrond Block Chain seeks to fix slow transactions by offering extremely fast transaction speeds. They attempt to do so by using sharding they include themselves in the fintech sector as well as the defi category. Elrond is the native coin that is used for paying network fees, sticking and rewarding miners or validators. There is an important event coming up on 9th April which is the fi 2.0 module which is going to boost EGLD price so that you can gain some if you invest now. Also, in Market Cap it is ranked at the 49th position.

The third coin is Cardano (ADA). Cardano coin is now the third largest in the market cap. After jumping above the Teather staple coin, it currently has a market cap of 40.5 billion dollars compared to a Ethereum’s 175.5 billion dollars valuation. The two crypto currencies have a very different circulating supply of coins, with ETH at 117 million and ADA having 31 billion available.

The projects of ADA is been undergoing with upgrades in technology and Cardano Founder has said that this project will be superior to Ethereum. ADA commitment to on-chain  governance as a key improvement over ETH. The upcoming upgrade will have tools and performance to Cardano so that the coin deserves to be on the list of the best crypto to buy now.

The final coin is Pundi X. Pundi X was one of the most highly anticipated ICO of 2018. The project is trying to build a largely centralized crypto point of sale network. They are trying to achieve this through merchant devices, cards and crypto wallets. If they succeed, they hope to make buying cryptocurrency as easy as possible. The Pundi X team has worked diligently not only on the product and platform, but also on partnerships to help spread the platform and ensure both short term growth and long term stability.

Pundi X is creating a good partnership for the business. They have also maximize their value proposition, increasing trust, engagement and adoption for both consumers and merchants. There are so many events and updates coming up throughout 2021, and this definitely makes Pundi X a must buy coin.

Thus, Enjin Coin (ENJ), Elrond (EGLD), Cardano (ADA) and Pundi X are the top Altcoins to invest in April 2021 as they have many updates and upgrades with technology in upcoming months which leads to increase in their value so that you can trade later that time and earn money.

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