Uru Movie Review – An unusual Thriller Movie


Uru Movie Review: After the “Kabali” film   Kalaiyarasan and Dhansika signed a thriller film named as “Uru.”It is a  psychological thriller film written and directed by Vicky Anand and Produced by V.P. Viji. The music was composed by Johan Shevanesh and camera work by Prasanna Kumar who did Pichaikkaran.

Kalaiyarasan says that he plays a novel writer role and that the film is a psychological thriller set in a forest backdrop. The significant portions of the movie were shot in Kodaikanal.

Uru Movie Story Plot:

Jeevan (Kalaiyarasan) and Jennie (Sai Dhanshika) a lovely couple lived happily. Jeevan who once was a fictional writer was not in a form and depressed because of his publisher. Whenever he said an idea for writing a story his editor rejecting all. So, he was quite distressed about the fact of rejecting his idea. Jennie is worried about his situation and their future. When Jeevan was thinking about something, an idea strikes him – that of a villain who eventually becomes a hero. Jeevan pitches the idea to his publisher, and the latter asks him to develop the plot.

But, Jennie was urging him to give up writing and search any other job for their future. Jeevan asks her two months time to complete the story and promises to her if he was doing nothing in these two months then he gives up writing and searching any other job. He decides to go to Meghamalai as he believes its calm ambiance will be very crucial in bringing out his creativity. He sets out to the hill station where he has arranged a stay at his friend’s guest house. Mime Gopi (Forest Guard) also help him. But when he stay in Meghamalai unexpectable horrifying incidents are happening. He is very depressed and even doesn’t know that the incidents are real or imaginary events.

Things turn topsy-turvy when Jennie pays a surprise visit to the hill station. Dhanshika once again proves her acting through this film after Kabhali. Kalaiyarasan was good in showing his emotions as a depressed man. But Dhanshika beat all others, as a caring wife and an investigator to find the horrifying incidents she proves herself one more time. The action scenes were really awesome.

The bgm of the film, unexpected twists and turns make this movie more enjoyable and make the audience to sit on the edge of the seat to think what next …what next….

Movie Rating & Audience Response:

Uru Movie Rating: 3/5

Audience Response: Dhanshika’s acting, BGM, Unexpected twists and turns, all are good.

The film is released on June 16, 2017. Stay tuned for more updates.

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