Verge (XVG) Price Analysis & latest news on wraith protocol Release date

Verge (XVG) Price

Verge (XVG) which is getting back again and going high after fell down from US$0.17. At present, the value of the coin is US$0.14, it had two billion USD market cap. During the period between 22nd and 25th December, the coin was jumping up to 20% high. After that, it has pulled back again after Christmas.

From US$0.30 on 23rd December, it dropped slightly, now it is $0.14 as of 30t December. Though, the value of the XVG in this month has raised, which had perfect for the growth of 2,765%.

Recently, it had the first-ever high market cap on 25th December, it was $3.73 billion. But, now it is $2.08bn. But, it moves up in the ranking from 21 which is now 20th most valuable coin, according to the coin market cap.

Verge (XVG) Price

According to the latest news, Verge may be implementing wraith protocol as soon. By using the wraith protocol, the users can switch between public and private ledgers, it’s pretty evident that Verge is turning heads.

As per the analysis, the Verge goes up from 1,000% and 10,000% for the year, 2017. Also, it having an average daily trading volume of around 200 coins. We need to wait to see that Verge touching sky-high in future as soon as possible.

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