VIBE (VIBE) Available in Binance & Pumped by 382.59% on January 10

Vibe (VIBE)

Vibe (VIBE): In the crypto world, many currencies fluctuates since the beginning of the year 2018. Some coins reach top and some were decreasing. The vibe is one of the cryptocurrencies which has skyrocketed today on January 10. It is generally referred as VIBE in the market.

Vibe team has announced that it will be listed in Binance. Since the news was broken there is a huge increase in its price by 269.49% and the price is hiked to $1.75 USD. The price has been raised 10times in one hourPeople who already invested in Vibe has a good luck in getting huge profit. Earlier it is ranked low in the coin market cap. But its availability in Binance has made it be listed in top 100 in coin market cap on January 10.

Vibe (VIBE)

Where to Buy Vibe?

Vibe crypto can be purchased in HitBTC and EtherDelta. It will soon be available in Binance list. The price of Vibe coin can be followed in the link Vibe (VIBE) Live Chart. The current price of Vibe is $1.99 USD.

About Vibe (VIBE)

VIBEHub unites Virtual/Augmented Reality with blockchain technology. It is an Ethereum-based Virtual reality platform which incorporates several marketplaces and hubs. The VIBE token will serve as the common currency on all the platform’s marketplaces.

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