What is an Annuity? – Variants and Benefits

An annuity defines the streak of payment made in a specific time interval, either it is done weekly, monthly, and yearly or once in two months. The golden way to utilize this string is investing in life insurance where they facilitate you a channel to pay investor, and they give your stacked amount along with the bounce produced through your money.

Variants of Annuities:

  • Immediate annuity plans:

An annuity plan is known immediate when there is no specific amassing plan. The span begins the moment you provide any asset or deposit a considerable amount to the insurance company till your ownership or for a lifetime.

  • Deferred annuity:

When the deposition is initiated from a specified date, the annuity is denoted as Deferred. The whole plan duration is further divided into two phases:

  1. Accumulation Phase: It ranges from the day you have made your first deposit until the day you receive your primary premium benefit.
  2. Consignment phase: It begins when you begin to receive the sweet fruit produced by the seed you have sown earlier in the form of timely pensions.

How do you get benefitted?

  • Life Annuity:

Alike the name the annuity serves you till you reach your wreath. The insurance company provides you with a pension every month/year till you are alive.

  • Life Annuity With Return Of Purchase Price:

Here your succeeds cherish the legacy you leave behind your death. You will be benefitted till the day you die, succeeding that your nominee will get the refund of the initial amount you made while sparking the Annuity.

  • Annuity for promised span:

In this you are promised the payment for a specific period; for five years, ten years, 15 years or more. The company will still pay even if you pass away till your due date matures.

  • Inflation-Indexed Annuity:

The annuity you receive from time to time would get elevated every time by some 2- 3%; which may or may not be related to the inflated rate, they just ensure that acceleration in expenses.

  • Joint Life Survivor Annuity:

Your partner won’t ever get dependent on anyone else after you pass away because this annuity plan benefits you and your partner till the end.

  • Joint life annuity with return of purchase price:

Your whole family would get benefitted under this plan, you and your soul mate would be served till each one of you are alive, and after that, your nominee would get the foundation investment that you have made. It is destined for complete security of the family where none of you will strive for the dependence.

A Glance over Some Relatable Notes:

  • You can start securing your earnings for you and your family once you strike the age of 30, the maximum age being the magical century.
  • The annuity plans allow the purchaser the withdrawal of entire amount or a part of that in case of severe illness or by the nominee if the policyholder dies.

Secure your world, your critical years and your upcoming generations; threat won’t knock the door prior invading.

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