Why all top Cryptocurrencies going down – Today Analysis


Is this will be another Blood Bath in Crypto Currencies World? Except for Ripple, Cardano, Stellar, Qtum, NEO, BitShares, Tether, and WAX. All other cryptocurrencies are falling down. Due to South Korea’s movement against Bitcoin, it fell and mow it is $12,904.00 USD. Also, the other top coins like Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, IOTA and more other coins are not doing well today.

Because of the association with the Japan banks, the Ripple looks happy by raising high, better than yesterday. But, not today, XRP also going down today after reaching all-time high $2.75 USD, it is now $2.32 USD. The market cap of the coin is $89.73 billion st present when I’m writing this.

Cardano also takes up from its sixth position, now it standing at fifth with the value of US$0.65. Because of the market cap and yesterday’s value, it looks fantastic. Though ADA also facing its dip after reaching its lifetime high US$0.77, it is currently with the value of US$0.63. According to the Coin market cap, CSL Core researching coin have US$16bn at present.


The decentralized and hybrid blockchain Stellar touches US$0.39 as the first time. Then, it decreases low ($0.28), after that, it going high again. Now, it the value of the Stellat token XLM is $0.31 and the market cap is $5 billion USD. Stellar is a non-profit project which had an aim of accessing the banking every one easily. Within a day, it jumps to 10th rank from 12th in Coinmarketcap. Hope, it will be one of the coins as soon as in the top five.

We will update more on this topic if we had any new information that why are all top crypto falling down.! Keep visit!

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