Why Are Horses Eyes Covered?

Horse eye covering is a very controversial topic within the horse world. Some people believe it is necessary, while others think it is unnecessary and harmful. Which side are you on?

There are two main reasons horses have their eyes covered during grooming and washing. The first is to protect their eyes from the water. The second is to make them more comfortable while being handled.

As mentioned before, some horses become very nervous and agitated when being washed or groomed. This can lead to them injuring themselves or the person grooming or washing them.

The trick is finding the right kind of covering that your particular horse likes. Some like thin fabric that allows in light, while others like heavier material that blocks out light. Some like having just one kind of covering, while other prefer multiple layers.

Fearless animals

why are horses eyes covered

Another reason why horses eyes are covered is because they are considered a fearless animal. They will walk up to almost any other animal without hesitation.

This is due to their natural instinct to hunt. When they go to the field to graze, they have a natural instinct to hunt their prey and eat it.

Because of this, when a horse is put into the field with another species, it has a hard time distinguishing between what’s friendly or hostile.

For this reason, when taming a horse, it is important to expose it to as many different animals as possible. This way, the horse will understand that they are not a threat and there is no need for fear.

When taming a horse, it is also important to do so in stages. If you do not do this, then the horse will become fearful and rebellious. Taming a horse in stages also helps build trust between the two of them.

Sensitivity to light

why are horses eyes covered

One of the main reasons horses have their eyes covered is because they are very sensitive to light. Horses will struggle to maintain normal behaviors when there is too much light.

This includes being able to graze and eat normally, as well as stay active and relax. When it’s dark, horses can still navigate and relax, which is why they have adapted to sleeping at night.

In some cases, horses that are in a stable environment may not need total darkness to sleep comfortably. However, most horses do prefer this setting so that they can remain calm and relaxed while sleeping.

Because of this, it is important to cover their eyes so that they can adjust to the light levels in the stable. If they were left in full view of the light, then they would be constantly exposed to higher levels of light which would disrupt them more.

Sharp vision

why are horses eyes covered

Although horses have sharp vision, they also have very limited vision. They only have monocular vision, which means they have limited perception of the world from one eye.

They only use one eye at a time and they only use one side of each eye. Their eyes are also fixed, which means they cannot move the eyes in any direction.

This is why you will sometimes see them cock their heads to the side or look with just one eye. They are trying to get a better view of the world!

The reason for this is because horses evolved to run very fast on open grasslands. Having two eyes that can see in all directions is helpful for that type of environment. One-eyed runners can still successfully evade obstacles and chase down prey.

Covering the eyes helps prevent tears and scratches that could lead to infection or visual impairment. It also protects the sensitive structures inside from dirt and dust during grooming.

Communication method

why are horses eyes covered

While most people think this is done to calm the horse, the real reason is to allow the trainer to communicate with the horse.

Tracking requires you to follow a track left by another animal. You have to pay very close attention to the tracks and what you see in them.

If the eyes are covered, then the tracking instructor can tell you what he or she sees in the tracks, but not what they see on top of the track.

This is very important as it helps you identify what made these tracks. For example, a deer has sharp claws that leave marks in the ground when it runs. A bear has heavy paws that leave distinct prints.

Expression of emotion

why are horses eyes covered

Horses use their eyes to express emotion and communicate with other horses and animals. A calm, confident horse will hold his or her eyes steady and straight, looking forward.

If a horse is nervous or worried, he or she will shift his or her head to the side, away from what he or she fears. This shows confidence as he or she is not looking directly at what they fear.

When a horse is angry, they will roll their eyes slightly and pull back their lips in a snarl. This lets other horses know that they are angry and to stay away. It is very similar to how humans smile when angry, to show that they are not happy.

Covering a horses’ eyes can disrupt this communication and cause confusion for the animal. It may take time for the horse to re-adjust and stop feeling nervous, scared, or angry because of it.

Health concerns

why are horses eyes covered

One of the main reasons horses’ eyes are covered is for their health. Horses can be very stressed by being in a dark barn or stable, with their eyes covered.

If a horse is nervous or agitated, it can make sudden movements. If it can’t see where it’s going, this can be a problem.

If a horse has an injury and the vet needs to bandage its eye, then it needs to be in a quiet environment to calm down. A dark box helps with this as well.

When they are sleeping, they do not need to be woken up until they have had enough rest. By covering their eyes, they can get the rest they need without being disturbed.

Covering the eyes also helps prevent them from chewing on things due to boredom or frustration. Beward of things like mange mites that cause itching and scratching; this can be prevented by keeping the eyes covered.

Protection from insects and pollen

why are horses eyes covered

In some parts of the world, horses are kept in stables rather than paddocks or fields. In these stable settings, horses are able to come and go as they please, but have to wear protective covering when they are outside.

This is for the horse’s safety as well as the safety of other animals and people. It is important that horses can safely navigate their surroundings, especially at night when it is dark.

In addition, insects can seriously bother horses. Horses have very sensitive skin so they need to protect their skin from fleas and other pests.

The light gray color of the mesh also helps prevent sunburn which would then lead to other health issues for the horse. By having the ability to cover the eyes, it also helps protect the horse from being startled by sudden movements or objects.

Protection from wind and dust

why are horses eyes covered

When a horse is galloping at top speed, the animal can reach speeds up to 30 miles per hour. This is incredibly fast for such a large animal!

When riding a horse, you want to feel as safe and secure as possible. One way to do this is by having good footing.

If the ground is soft or rocky, then the horse may lose its balance and fall. You would also not feel very comfortable if you knew the horse was struggling to keep its balance.

The mesh covering allows air to flow through, keeping the head cool. When it’s hot out, this is an important protection. A warm head keeps the nerves in check, preventing any sudden movements that could be dangerous.

The mesh also helps protect the horse from external factors like dust or wind. This protects the sensitive internal organs and membranes from being irritated.(

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