Why Does My Kitten Smell Like Poop?

Poop smell in kittens is a common issue, and often one of the first problems new kitten owners encounter. Kittens are notorious for having loose stools due to their diets and growth phase.

While this is normal, it can be very unpleasant for you and your loved ones. Poop smells are usually associated with affliction infections or digestive issues, so it is important to check your kitten for other signs.

Parasites can cause poops with unusual appearance and texture as well as a distinctive smell. These are not necessarily harmful to the kitten, but may be unpleasant for them if they cause diarrhea.

General diarrhea can be caused by things like food poisoning or infection. If your kitten hasGeneral diarrhea, they may need some IV fluids to rehydrate them.

Why does my kitten smell like poop?

why does my kitten smell like poop

If your kitten smells like poop, it may be due to a few reasons. The first would be that your kitten eats too much protein. Kittens need plenty of protein to grow, but if they eat too much, their poop will smell.

Too much protein can also cause them to vomit. If this happens, you need to cut back on the proteins in their diet so that they can digest them properly.

The second reason would be that your kitten has an infection called cryptosporidiosis. This is an infection of the digestive system and can make their poop smell.

The third reason would be that your kitten has diarrhea. If this is the case, then you need to bring them to the vet as it may be a more serious issue.

Causes of smelly kitten poop

why does my kitten smell like poop

Kittens can have smelly poop for a few reasons. The first is diet. Kittens need to be fed high-quality food that is rich in protein and nutrients.

If they are not fed properly, they can defecate loose or liquid stools that have a strong odor. This is because they are not getting the right fats and nutrients to solidify their poop.

The second cause is diarrhea, which can be caused by many factors including infection or food intolerance.

When your kitten has diarrhea, their litter box will inevitably smell due to the water in the feces being absorbed by the paper or litter. This then causes a stronger odor when it is dispelled.

The last cause of smelly kitten poop is worms. These little parasites can cause your kitten’s droppings to have a strong, unpleasant smell.

Declawed cats smell worse

why does my kitten smell like poop

A surprising cause of smelly cats is being declawed. Declawed cats tend to poop outside the box and miss the box when they pee, which causes worse smelling poop piles.

Because they can’t scratch their back paws against the box, they can’t recognize how far away the box is. This is because their sense of smell is impaired due to lack of claws.

Kittens usually learn to use the litter box from their mothers. When mothers leave them alone at a young age, they begin to explore and start using other areas as litter boxes.

Declawed cats also tend to roam around more which increases the chance of them urinating or pooping outside of the litter box. This causes more odor as it stays on their fur longer.

Poor diet is a culprit

why does my kitten smell like poop

If your kitten is having issues with their bowel movements, whether it be diarrhea or constipation, then the issue may be what they’re eating.

Kittens need high quality protein and calorie dense foods to ensure they grow at a healthy rate. When they are young, their systems can be compromised which makes it harder to digest certain nutrients.

If they are eating their own feces, it may make them feel more full and satisfied which could be the reason why they are doing it.

Parasites can also be a cause for poor bowel movements which can make your kitten feel sick. If you notice this happening, see a vet to get this checked out.

Parasites such as worms can also have a smell to them which can add to the poop smell that kitties have. Your vet will check for these and possibly treat the kitty for them.

A tired cat is a good cat

why does my kitten smell like poop

Kittens need lots of playtime to develop into cats that are mentally and physically healthy. You should try to find time every day to play with your kitten.

Kittens love to chase toys, claw at things, and fight imaginary foes. All of these activities require energy so make sure your kitten has some supervised play time in an engaging environment so they can use their energy.

If you have more than one cat, they can sometimes be jealous of newcomers. Kitten playdates are a great way to bond them together while getting your kitten some needed playtime.

Inter-cat bonding sessions can last a while so make sure to schedule enough time for them! They will love it and feel recharged afterwards.

Petting your cat can help eliminate the smell

why does my kitten smell like poop

If your kitten has pooped recently and has that unmistakable smell, then petting your kitten can help get rid of some of the smell.

Kittens love to be petted and stroked, so this is a great way to help him feel relaxed and happy. Plus, as you stroke him, the smell will be rubbed away.

It can take a while to completely get rid of the poo smell, but every little bit helps. repeated petting can help reduce it even more.

If your kitten seems uncomfortable being stroked, then try setting up some toys for them to play with instead. They will still feel happy and enjoy it, but won’t have as much of a chance to get smelly traces of poop on them.

Wash your cat’s litter box regularly

Cats are very clean animals, and they spend a good amount of time cleaning themselves.

However, your kitten needs your help to keep his toilet clean. You need to wash his litter box at least once a day, more if your kitten uses the box often.

When you do this, you prevent the buildup of feces and urine, which would make your kitten smell worse. Feces contain bacteria that can make your kitten sick.

Changing out the paper litter regularly also helps prevent smell and keeps your kitten from using old, soiled paper as a toilet spot.

We all know how much cats love their boxes, so making sure yours is the perfect size and comfortability is important. A smaller cat may need a smaller box, but a bigger cat may need a bigger one.

Get your cat checked by a vet if the smell doesn’t go away after trying these tips

why does my kitten smell like poop

Kittens are more likely to have GI issues due to their immature digestive system, so if the smell is very strong and persistent, get your kitten checked out by a veterinarian.

If your kitten has had a URI or other illness that may have caused GI upset, or has been eating litter or cleaners, then a trip to the vet is also advised.

The vet will do a physical examination and possibly run tests to determine what is causing the smell. If no physical signs or tests come back positive, then they may suggest trying a diet change as an initial intervention.

You can try feeding your kitten an anti-inflammatory diet that is rich in protein and calcium. You can buy special kitty food or make your own using ingredients like chicken and salmon cooked in olive oil.

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