World Badminton Championship- Big Challenge for Kidambi Srikanth

World Badminton Championship- Big Challenge for Kidambi Srikanth

World Badminton Championship: The 2017 BWF World Championships of badminton will be held August 21–27 at Emirates Arena in Glasgow, Scotland. From India will have the opportunity to participate in the event. Kidambi Srikanth 24-year-old from Guntur said he doesn’t think much about his opponents as he believes it is all about how he conducts himself during the match.He is the most expected player from the Indian Players. Kidambi Srikanth looks confident ahead of the World Championship after winning back to back Super Series.

World Badminton Championship- Big Challenge for Kidambi Srikanth

In an interview to PTI, Srikanth said, “These big events will have pressure because people will want to do well, so there will be pressured, but I can only think about doing well.”

“I am playing well, and I am confident. But everyone comes to their full fitness for such a big event. So for me, it is not about, thinking what I would do if I reach final but about how I will play in the first round.”

“I am a person, who believes that it is 90 per cent hard work and 10 per cent luck, which is like believing in God. So during a match, it is 90 per cent my hard work, and rest 10 percent is about luck. At 20-19, there is not much to plan; you depend on luck for your opponent to make some mistake,” he explained.

Srikanth, who rose to the top of the Destination Dubai Rankings added “I got a big break after the three events. After such a break the first rounds are also very tough, so I was taking it match by match, and I didn’t set any targets.”

“Every opponent is different, and all the top 20 are playing well, and it is about playing 100 percent from the
first round itself ” said the former World No. 3, who will face Russian Sergey Sirant in the first round of the Glasgow event starting from August 21.”

“When you play an unseeded player, he doesn’t have anything to lose while you will have pressure, so you can’t expect to win if you play at 90 per cent,” added the 24-year old.

“I don’t want to think what others are thinking; I just want to think about my game. It is not about others, it is about me, what I feel during a match and how I play my best during the match,” the eighth-seeded Indian said.

“Initially badminton was a hobby for me. I liked playing sports, but it was always fun for me. I became serious when I joined the academy. Earlier, I never gave much thought to the training, but after I had joined the academy, I had to think about the off court stuff. So I started late in a way compared to what we see now as athletes now start early.”

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