Best Tree Ladder Stand Placement Tips for Deer Hunting

Successful hunting is beyond being a good shooter and having great sight. The position of your tree ladder is as important as your ability to shoot if not more important. This, therefore, makes it important that you know how to position your tree ladder when hunting.

Contained in this article are tree ladder stand placement tips that you can rely on to help you hunt game effortlessly. For more info, check this page.

Make use of Trees with Diameters of 18 inches

The size of the tree you choose when hanging treestands is a lot more important than a lot of people realize. You must select a tree with a wide diameter as this will not only provide ample support for your weight, it will also go a long way to ensure that your shoulders are kept hidden and will not be noticed by your target. With a tree of the right size, it becomes difficult for a deer to notice your outline as it approaches. The implication of this is with a tree of the right size, the likelihood of a deer noticing you is greatly reduced.

Select the Right Height

The first step in staying out of notice when deer hunting is to make use of a tree with a wide enough diameter. The second is to hang high enough for it to be difficult for a deer to spot you. A lot of bowhunters are comfortable positioning their treestands about 17 to 20 feet from the ground. While this works in most instances, it does not always work.

The reason for this is when positioning your tree stand at a certain height, that height should be one that has the right amount of coverage for your outline. If you find it difficult to get the right cover for your outline at a certain height, it becomes important that you climb higher as this reduces the likelihood that a deer will spot your outline. While it is important that you go higher with less cover, you should not go past 25 feet.

In situations where there is a lot of covers, you do not need to climb so high as these covers will always keep your outline concealed

Best Trees for Hanging Tree Ladders

Apart from the fact that you have to hang your tree ladder from a tree with the right diameter, there are certain tree types that are ideal for positioning your tree ladder. All things being equal, bow hunting always takes place in autumn and this is the season when trees shed their leaves. While generally, all trees are expected to shed their leaves, various species of trees shed their leaves at different rates. This implies that while other trees are already bare, there are those that still have ample amounts of leaves.

Although various trees shed their leaves at different times, coniferous trees have fronds that are never completely shed. This, therefore, makes them ideal for deer hunting.

The Position of the Sun

When placing your ladder on a tree in preparation to hunt deer, it is vital that the sun is positioned behind you. If you will be hunting in the morning, your stand should be positioned to face the west. Doing this means you won’t have to deal with the sun obstructing your vision. On the other hand, it will be difficult for an approaching deer to notice you as it will have to deal with the sun.

In addition to the fact that the position of the sun will make it difficult for the deer you are targeting to have a clear vision, the position of the sun will also make it possible for minimal light to hit your clothing and your face.

Position Your Tree stand to ensure very Little Movement

To ensure that you have just the needed amount of movement when hunting, the position of your ladder should be given a lot of attention. As a right-handed shooter, deer tracks which are obvious should be at your left. This implies that you will have to position your ladder in a way that whatever deer is approaching is doing so from your left. When done, you can always shoot at a deer without the need to make any readjustments in your feet. In the same vein, left-handed shooters should ensure that they position their ladders in ways that known deer tracks are at their right.


In bowhunting, farther distances are usually better as they significantly increase the likelihood of hitting the deer in a vital area. This implies that your tree stand should be 15 to 20 yards from shooting opportunities.

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