Bigg Boss Tamil Elimination Result Oviya Saved – Namitha vs Ganesh Venkatraman


Bigg Boss Week 4 Elimination: Bigg Boss Tamil is a show hosted by Universal Hero Kamal Hassan and it is telecasted in Star Vijay. Totally there are 15 contestants initially. But first Sri was eliminated from the show as he is ill. And later Anya was eliminated in the first week. Then Barani overtakes the Bigg Boss rules. So he also eliminated.

Kanja Karupu was eliminated in the second week. Harathi was eliminated in the third week. And in this fourth week of Bigg Boss Oviya, Namitha and Ganesh Venkatraman was nominated. In today’s episode of Bigg Boss, the real faces of Julie and Oviya were retelecasted by Kamal Hassan.

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Oviya and Julie were argued a lot. Oviya used bad words while they all Julie, Gayathri and Namitha teased her. For that, she apologised today. Julie said that Oviya triggered her by saying that people in the home told that she was acting. But actually, that does not occur. Oviya went there only to console Julie as she was in pain. But the entire situation was changed by Julie to Gayathri and Namitha. Raiza also believed Julie. Sakti raised his hands to Oviya as he thought she is triggering all.

Bigg Boss Oviya

But in today’s episode, Kamal Hassan played the previous clip of Julie and Oviya. In that Oviya not even used a single word about them. Only Julie started saying about other ladies in the house saying that she is acting. It is clear in Oviya’s part. Only Julie has a mistake. Snegan and other people in the home advised Julie not to behave like this another time and asked to change her attitude towards others.

Bigg Boss

And finally, in the end of the episode, Kamal Hassan said that Oviya is saved by the people. It is time to support between Namitha and Ganesh Venkatraman. It is mostly predicted that Ganesh Venkatraman will be saved in the Bigg Boss Home and Namitha will be eliminated.

Stay tuned for the result of the fourth week of elimination from the Bigg Boss Home on this website.

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