Bitcoin given by mass entry..The enemy is showing..Crypto market on the rise!!


As of today, the crypto market is in decline. Various leading coins including the flagship Bitcoin are also seen with a 5.65% rise.

Bitcoin, the leading coin in the crypto market, is trading at $21,000, up over 7% today. The next leading coin, Anthem, is also up over 6% to trade at $1,200.

In crypto, Bitcoin, the leading coin, is up 7.67 percent, against 6.57 percent, while Financier is up 1.93 percent. All leading altcoins are bullish.

Bitcoin given by mass entry

Today altcoins Cardano is trading up 3.11 percent, XRP Coin up 5.98 percent, and Shiba Inu Coin up 6.04 percent.

Dogecoin is trading up 3.77 percent, Solana up 3.92 percent, and Tron Coin up 4.15 percent.

Price Status of Top 10 Coins (as per CoinMarketCap):

Bitcoin – $21,902.92 (7.68%)

Oppo – $1,248.24 (6.83%)

Finance – $242.89 (2.39%)

Solana – $38.18 (4.11%)

Cardano – $0.4802 (3.27%) DogeCoin – $

0.07095 (3.84%)

X .RP – $0.3519 (6.60%)

Tron – $0.06933 (4.15%) Polka

Dot – $7.29 (5.25%)

Shiba Inu – $0.000001125 (6.47%)

Disclaimer: Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and highly risky. There will be no regulatory basis for losses arising from such transactions.

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