Cat Making Noises While Sleeping

Cats have long been considered the most graceful of animals. They are admired for their soft fur, sharp claws, and overall mysterious nature.

One thing about cats that has been noted by many people is how silent they are. A cat will typically wander around a house without making any sound until it is ready to let you know it is there.

This can be both a helpful and annoying trait depending on the situation. If a cat was wandering around a house at night, it would be very helpful to have that silent quality so as not to alert anything that might want to hurt it.

On the other hand, this can be very annoying when trying to get something off of the couch or out of the bathroom because you cannot hear it meowing or moving around.

There is one kind of cat that seems to break this silence in its sleep. That type of cat is the Persian breed. This article will discuss all of the noises Persians make in their sleep and why they do this.

Cat snoring

cat making noises while sleeping

Snoring in cats is pretty common, and is mostly caused by feline obesity. As mentioned before, fat accumulates around the abdomen area, pressing on the diaphragm which impedes the flow of air through the lungs.

Since this happens on a regular basis, the fat deposits become thicker which causes even more pressure on the diaphragm. This makes it harder for a cat to breathe normally while asleep.

Although it is adorable to hear your kitty snore, this can be a serious health concern. If your cat snores consistently for several days, pays attention to if they exhibit any other symptoms such as lack of energy or appetite and vomiting.

Contact your veterinarian as soon as possible because this may be a sign of heart disease.

Why does my cat grind their teeth?

cat making noises while sleeping

Feline bruxing is similar to canine barking. It’s a behavior that’s associated with anxiety. If your cat has a habit of grinding his or her teeth, it could mean they’re stressed.

Cats may brux when they’re anxious about a potential threat, such as someone coming into the house or a new pet entering the yard.

Young cats may brux as a form of communication with their mother or siblings. This is known as maternal call behavior, and it develops around two weeks after birth.

Seniors may also brux as a response to age-related cognitive decline, according to This could be due to neurodegenerative conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

If you notice your cat has an unusual amount of tooth grinding, takes longer than usual to relax and sleep, and seems generally more anxious than usual, take them to the vet.

Could this be a sign of a problem?

cat making noises while sleeping

While most cats make noise while sleeping, if your cat makes very loud meowing or chirping noises while sleeping, this could be a sign of a problem.

It could mean your cat is having a hard time falling asleep, or that he or she is having a bad dream. Sometimes it means your kitty is hungry!

If you notice this happening often, or if your cat is also acting unusually tired or sleepy, take him or her to the vet for a checkup. The vet could tell you if there’s anything wrong and what to do about it.

For example, your cat may need to go on a diet change or receive medication. Veterinary care has come a long way and has many options for treatment.Check with your local veterinarian to see what they have to offer.

What can I do to help prevent this behavior?

cat making noises while sleeping

Although it is adorable, pulling the strings on the cat’s ego can be harmful. If your cat is constantly seeking attention and comfort, they may explore ways to get that need met.

The best thing to do is give your kitty some alone time to play with toys and explore new places. Give them a chance to get comfortable with their independence by leaving the room and letting them explore on their own.

If they feel like they have a safe place to go then the need for attention might decrease. Also, giving them time to themselves will make them feel more comfortable and secure which will reduce stress.

Another thing you can do is give them some space at night. If they like to be close to you when you sleep, let them! But try putting a rug or mat down in the middle of the floor for them to lay on. Then in the morning, let them come down and greet you as usual, but let them leave the room for a little bit before bringing them back up.

Is my cat dreaming?

cat making noises while sleeping

Dreaming cats is a phenomenon that few people know about. While most people are aware of when dogs dream, cats seem to dream less often.

However, if you watch your cat sleep for a while, you may notice some movements that look like the cat is chasing something. These movements seem to be more frequent when the cat is sleeping on his or her stomach.

If you watch your cat sleep for a while, you may notice some movements that look like the cat is chasing something. These movements seem to be more frequent when the cat is sleeping on his or her stomach. This may indicate that cats prefer to sleep this way because it feels more safe.

If your pet usually sleeps on its stomach but suddenly switches to its back, then you may have interrupted a dream of theirs. When this happens, try to see if they have had a dream based on what type of movement they make after they wake up.

Why do cats make noise when they sleep?

cat making noises while sleeping

Believe it or not, cats make noise when they sleep due to a phenomenon called apnea. Apnea is the stopping of breathing for a short period of time.

Cats typically sleep for around twelve to sixteen hours per day, so if you hear them snoring or purring while they sleep, everything is okay.

It is when they stop breathing for longer periods of time that it is a problem. This can indicate health problems, such as obesity, kidney disease, and inflammation in the body.

Fatigue can also cause this phenomenon, so if your cat seems to be sleeping more than usual, they may be tired. Give them a chance to rest and nap with them!

Some cats meow during their sleep due to dreams. If this is the case with your kitty, then there is nothing wrong with letting them continue to do so. It is only when they are sleeping quiet and hard that there might be a problem.

Does my cat want attention when they make noise while sleeping?

cat making noises while sleeping

Yes, your cat wants attention when they meow or try to get you to pet them while they are sleeping. This is a hard habit to break, so try to discourage this behavior as soon as you can.

When cats meow, they are trying to establish dominance and territory. They are saying that this space is mine and I control it. By you petting them in their sleep, you are letting them know that they control the territory- which is not what they want.

By petting them or responding to their noises while they are sleeping, you are encouraging this behavior. It may seem harmless, but it is not. It is reinforcing negative behavior that will come back to bite you later.

Try putting the kitty bed in a room by itself and shutting the door for a few hours to see if the behavior decreases.

Should I wake my cat up if they are snoring?

No, you should not wake your cat if they are snoring. While it is adorable to see them sleeping, if they are making noises while sleeping, they are probably having a dream.

Dreams can be very vivid for cats due to how they sleep. They are in a relaxed state and their mind is working on what happened during the day.

If you woke them up, then they would be confused and upset. This is because in their dream, maybe they just caught that mouse or ate that fish and they are happy!

Waking them up would just ruin the happiness they had in their sleep. Also, no matter how hard you try to wake a cat up, they will not until they are ready.

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