Cat Breeds With Big Eyes

Cat breeds are very well-known for their sleek bodies, graceful moves, and beautiful eyes. A lot of cats are known for their beautiful eyes, their round faces, and their soft fur.

There are several categories of cats: Household Pets, Show Cats, Working Cats, Toy Cats, and Wildcats. Within these categories are many different breeds.

There are over seventy recognized cat breeds that are registered with the Federation Internationale Fédération Feline (FIFe). This includes household pets, working cats, and wildcats as well as show cats.

There are many unique features that define each breed. Some have short noses or long noses, different colored fur or one color pattern throughout the entire body, and different eye shapes and sizes. One feature that is common among most cats is the characteristic eyes.

This article will discuss some of the most well-known cat breeds known for having large eyes.

Japanese fuzzies

cat breeds with big eyes

The Japanese fuzzie is a breed of cat that has very long fur and big eyes. This is due to the fact that many Japanese fuzzie kittens are born with very short whiskers, if any at all.

Japanese fuzzies have a gene that prohibits the production of enzymes needed to grow whiskers. As the kitten grows, so does the facial fur, but not in the right direction.

Since Japanese fuzzies do not have whiskers, they also cannot sense their surroundings by brushing against objects with their whiskers. Due to this lack of senses, Japanese fuzzies are considered one of the dumbest cats.

They can be trained, but it takes a while since they do not pick up on hints quickly.


Siberians are a breed of cat that many people love. Their soft, fluffy coats and large eyes make them a fan favorite.

Siberian cats are known for their relaxed nature and friendly disposition. They like to play, so entertaining playtime is a must. A Siberian will let you know when it’s time to play!

However, this breed requires some grooming. Because their coat is so dense, they require regular brushing to remove loose hair. They also need their ears cleaned regularly due to the fact that they have long hair in their ears.

Siberian cats are very intelligent and can be trained easily. They also love to be involved in family activities which makes them an ideal pet for families with children.

The only difficulty in having a Siberian cat is keeping its long hair under control.


cat breeds with big eyes

A very popular cat breed is the Britishshorthair. They are known for their short fur, round face, and chocolate color.

People love Britishshorthairs for their beautiful coats and unique patterning. Unlike most cats, Britishshorthairs do not have the ability to regenerate coat due to a gene mutation.

Because of this, they must be groomed regularly to keep their beautiful coat looking perfect. The regular grooming also helps them stay healthy as it detects any issues with their skin or internal health.

Britishshorthairs are very social cats and require lots of interaction. They love to play with toys, other cats, and you! These cats are very fluffy and cuddly which makes them a favorite among many people.


cat breeds with big eyes

Tonkinese cats are very beautiful felines. They have a brown coat with black and gold tones. The texture of their fur is semi-long.

Tonkinese cats have bright green eyes and a distinct round face shape. This breed is known for its playful nature and ability to get along with other cats.

Like most cats, Tonkinese love to play and explore. They are very social creatures, so they require some form of outside interaction. They also need supervision when outside due to potential predators like dogs and birds.

The only downside to this breed is the potential for allergies. People with mild allergies may still be able to enjoy this cat, however. The best way to determine if you are allergic or not is by doing a trial run with this cat.

Ojos Azules

cat breeds with big eyes

A very unique breed of cat is the Ojos Azules. This feline is native to Central America, specifically in Belize. The Ojos Azules is also known as the Blue Eyed Leopard Cat.

This species of cat has brown fur with white spots and bright blue eyes. The color of the fur and the spots allude to where this cat gets its name.

The Ojos Azules is very rare. Due to this, it is a threatened species. There are not very many registered Ojos Azules due to this fact.

Because this cat is a hybrid, it can be difficult to breed them. They require a specific mate that will stimulate fertility in the female Ojos Azules. This makes breeding them for conservation efforts difficult as you need to find a compatible mate every time.

This beautiful species of cat is being careful monitored due to threats such as deforestation and poaching.

Oriental Shorthairs

cat breeds with big eyes

The Oriental shorthair is a breed of cat that has very distinctive features. Its eyes are one of these features, namely because they are very large and round.

Oriental shorthairs also have long, thin bodies and long whiskers. The texture of their fur is also unique, being soft and fluffy. Many admire this breed for its beauty and uniqueness.

Like most cats, the Oriental Shorthair is independent and likes to spend time alone. They are not necessarily social cats, however some have been known to bond with others of their kind or other pets in the house.

They are strong hunters who like to chase things so they can be fun to watch. Although they may not be the most social cat, they are still lovable pets that enjoy attention. An important thing to note is that they like to play so it is important to have toys for them to play with.

American Shorthairs

cat breeds with big eyes

American Shorthairs is a breed of cat that has gained popularity in the past few years. People love their plush coats and playful nature.

American Shorthairs are social cats that like to be involved in what you are doing. They are very curious cats and like to play games, so a toy-filled home is ideal for them.

They have an average cost when it comes to cats and the expenses you may come across while owning one. They require regular veterinary visits and health care as well as litter and food maintenance.

The only issue some people have with this cat breed is that they can be stubborn at times. When training, it is important to be consistent so that the kitty understands what he or she is being told to do.


cat breeds with big eyes

Persians are a breed of cat that is known for their fluffy fur, round face, and large eyes. The shape of their face is what draws people to Persians.

Persian cats are also known for their long, fluffy hair. Many people love Persians because of their beautiful fur. Some even choose a Persian over another cat because of the gorgeous fur!

Despite their beauty, Persians can be hard to care for. They require frequent grooming to keep their beautiful coat intact. They also need special diets due to dietary sensitivity.

Because of their sensitive diets and required grooming, some people choose less maintenance breeds over Persians.

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