Dog Perch For Back Of Couch

Dog perches are a new way to relax for dogs. No longer must dogs lay on the ground or on furniture to relax. Now, they can have their own shelf or place to sit!

Dog perches come in many forms. Some look like regular shelves while others look like ramps. Some are tall while others are short. There is a perch fit for every dog and couch!

Dog perches are growing in popularity as more people discover how cute they are and how much your dog will love them. They are a great way to invest in your pet that will not break the bank.

The best part? You can decorate them any way you like! Whether it be with decorations, various colors, or leaving it as a plain white canvas, your pet will love it.

Where to put the dog perch

dog perch for back of couch

Once you have your dog perch, you need to decide where to put it. The best location is somewhere the dog can sit or lie down comfortably and has a view of the room.

In general, dogs like to be in places where they can watch the world go by. A window is ideal for this purpose, but not all dogs like windows so it is best to introduce this slowly.

If you do not want your dog on the couch with you, then a dog perch is a great way to give them their own space. They can still view the room and be part of the action while having their own place to relax and sit or lie down.

A general rule of thumb is half of the dog’s height should be in length of the platform for the perch. This way they have enough room to sit and lay down without falling off.

Comfortable material

dog perch for back of couch

When looking for a dog perch, make sure the material is comfortable for your dog. Canine enthusiasts agree that soft, cozy dogs love to lay on soft, cozy things.

Some recommend buying dog beds instead of making one because they are already constructed with padding and fabric. You can even find ones that fold up so you can take it with you!

Some dogs like rougher surfaces so if you know your pooch likes wood or carpet better, then go for that! Just make sure it is not toxic.

A note: Some dogs are heavy growers so make sure the perch can handle their weight. Also, if your dog is a scratcher or jumper, then put some strong fabric underneath to prevent ripping or tearing.

Sizing the dog perch

dog perch for back of couch

When picking out the size of the dog perch, consider the size of your dog. If you have a smaller dog, a large perch might be too big, and vice versa.

Also consider if your dog likes to lay close to the floor or high up. If they like to lay high up, a platform style perch might be best. If they like to curl up tight, then a circular or square shaped perch would fit them better.

When buying a pet store perch, look at the dimensions and make sure they are not too small. A large animal hospital had problems with pets falling through the cracks due to weight loss, and had to replace all of their pet beds because of this.

Make sure to keep an eye on the quality of the material as well! Pet-safe materials are becoming more popular for this reason.

Hand grips

dog perch for back of couch

If you have weak hands or suffer from arthritis, then dog perches are also a great way to add comfort to your home. You can add them to your couch or chair as extra support for your pet to lay on.

These are very easy to find and install. Most pet stores have them or you can order them online. They are usually thin plastic or metal bars that have handles for grabbing onto.

Many pets enjoy these because they provide an elevated surface to sit or lie on. This is also more comfortable for the human using the furniture since it adds support.

Whether or not to buy a canopy with it

Canopies are a controversial feature for dog perches. Some people say that they are unnecessary and that dogs will not use them. Others say that they are too difficult to clean and that dogs will urinate or defecate in them.

Canopies can provide a fun hiding place for your dog, however. If you do choose to get one, make sure it is sturdy and that there are no places for urine to get trapped.

The best material for canopies is mesh as this is easy to clean. Canopies made of plastic or vinyl are not recommended as these are hard to clean and bacteria may thrive in them.

If you still want to buy a canopy with your perch, make sure to wash it regularly to prevent any bacterial growth.

Selecting the right dog perch

dog perch for back of couch

Now that you know the benefits of having a dog perch, let’s talk about how to choose the right one for your dog and needs.

The first thing to consider is material. Most pet stores sell plastic or metal perches, but leather and suede have become popular options as well.

Plastic, metal, and leather are easy to clean and are non-allergenic. Plastic and metal are also light weight, so your dog may be more comfortable on those than a heavy leather couch perch.

Leather is expensive and more heavy weight, making it less comfortable for the dog. It is also more difficult to clean if your dog has an accident on it.

Suede can be easily cleaned, but may not be the best option as dogs may find it interesting to paw at it! Make sure to purchase a pet-proof suede that is resistant to scratching.

Bases should be wide and short

dog perch for back of couch

When choosing a base for your dog perch, make sure the base is wide and short. Long and narrow bases can tip over more easily.

Wide bases can have larger cushions or pillows on them, which can be comfortable for your dog to lie down on. A wider base will also help keep the perch stable.

If you already own a long, narrow sofa or a desk that your dog likes, check the stability by gently pushing it side to side and back and forth. If it is solid, then your dog is good to go!

Dog perches can be found online as well as in pet stores.

The bar should be close to the ground

dog perch for back of couch

When choosing a bar for your dog’s new perch, make sure the bar is close to the ground. You do not want your dog to jump off and hit his or her head on the top of the perch.

You also want to make sure that when your dog jumps onto the perch, they do not hit their head on the top of the perch. The bar should be at nose level for your dog.

The height varies depending on the size of your dog. Smaller dogs have shorter legs, so their perch should be shorter to match their stature. Larger dogs need taller perches to match how much they are able to stretch out.

Make sure you buy a sturdy material that can hold up to your dog’s weight. Materials such as leather tend to be more expensive, but are more durable.

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