Finding Food Displays for Business

When you’re looking for produce displays for supermarkets, you need to know just how to get the best displays available. Believe it or not, there are actual retailers to that custom “furniture” that has all of your apples and orange, and tomatoes. From island tables to orchard bins, you can find the right products you need in order to showcase the wonderful colors. Need a banana bin? You can find it (we’ll tell you how later) by ordering your supermarket displays online even. We’ll also give you some tips about what makes the best supermarket tables and produce displays.

Customizable Displays

When you’re choosing the right displays for your store, you’ll more than likely want a solution that enables you to change the size of your produce displays anytime you add or remove items. With the right tables, you can customize the length and the width by adding sections to make various lengths of displays.

Completely Durable

When it comes to the best produce display “furniture”, you’ll want to make sure you pick products that are meant to last a long time. They are meant to catch the eye of your customers and at the same time be able to withstand things like people bumping into them. However, you want them to be also made of professional grade material that can also be meant to hold the weight of numerous products that are displayed on them.

What Else Should I Look for in Display Tables?

When your store has a custom color theme, you want your produce displays to reflect your colors, or be able to provide sleek and efficient neutral colors. You also want to make sure that your tables have plenty of under the table storage in order to maximize the ability to store your overstock underneath the products above it to help you restock quickly.

You also don’t want to have to spend a fortune, or a lot of time for that matter when it comes to having to clean your tables. So if they are made of special polymers that are waterproof, they can be a lot easier to clean and disinfect than most tables of other materials. Not only that, but the right materials are often treated to help with this as well.

Do you need any special accessories like spacers? If you do, you want to make sure that your table has the right tools to keep your products spaced properly apart, such as plastic or plexiglass dividers that can keep your products fresh as well.


When you’re looking for the best produce displays for your supermarket or fresh produce area, then you should consider going to see what LemonTree Products have to offer. They house numerous stores worldwide like Wal-Mart, Nations Fresh Foods, and many more by providing top-quality island tables, market tables, orchard bins, square tables, and wall tables to display your fresh produce on with the most durable and customizable layout solutions. If you’re needing a custom design made for your store, they can also do this, and even have mobility solutions so you can easily lock your displays with caster wheels, or be able to move them as necessary.

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