Ideas for Pool Fencing Gold Coast

It’s now the year 2019, and there are many ways that people have begun to protect their pools, yet add a little bit of elegance and style for a relatively low price. Gone are the days of just having basic privacy fencing around your pool. You can still have privacy of course, but more importantly, you can have a little bit more security by having glass fencing for your pool. In this guide, we’re going to cover some ideas for pool fencing if you live in the Gold Coast, AU area.

Glass Pools – Frameless or Framed?

When it comes to glass pool fencing, you have more than one option. You need to know whether you want your glass panels framed, or want them frameless. If you decide to go with framed, you can have an extra bit of security, because this holds your panels in place on either two sides, or all four sides simply with metal frames, or sometimes by wood railings.

Essentially though, frameless panels are almost as secure (the panels are pieced together with supports and brackets, they just aren’t large frame pieces), and they offer more visibility of your pool and surrounding area. If you decide to go frameless, it is often a little bit less expensive as well, since you’re not spending money on extra materials.

Plexiglass vs. Regular Glass

Another alternative that many people are starting to take advantage of, is using high grade plexiglass for their pool fencing. The reasons for this are that plexiglass is not only a little bit less expensive than regular panes of glass, and they’re also a little bit easier to install. The main downside however is that glass is better against the elements. Plexiglass can be faded easily from the sun and salts in the air, and it scratches a lot more when it comes to regularly cleaning your fence. Therefore, even if you want the cheaper alternative, it’s best to look into glass instead.

Follow Regulations

Did you know there are actually many regulations in place? Glass panels are required to be of a certain grade and certified, which makes them more durable and secure to other materials as well. You’ll want a company of true professionals to install your glass fencing because they’ll be a licensed manufacturer that can follow the requirements and regulations that involve how thick glass panels need to be. They’ll also be able to help you understand what thickness of glass panels you’ll better benefit from.


If you’re looking for true experts to provide a top of the line glass pool fence that provides a combination of luxury and style to your Gold Coast home, then you’ll want to look to Total Vision Pool Fencing for all of your needs and they can be found at They’re certified with Australia and provide you with a guaranteed pool fencing made with high premium grade aluminum for your pool fencing frames, and the highest quality glass panels that are tested by the National Association of Testing Authorities to meet design and security standards.

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