Full Grown Great Dane Pit Mix

The large breed dog trend has been going strong for several years now. People have been breeding larger and larger dogs to get the biggest, most impressive canines possible.

It seems that every month a new record size dog is announced. In February of 2018, a Great Dane Pit Bull mix was declared the largest dog by the Guinness Book of World Records! This monster canine weighed in at 227 pounds and was 7 feet tall!

While it is exciting to see new records being set for large dogs, it is important to remember that size is not the most important thing about a dog. Characteristics like kindness, loyalty, and being family oriented are more important.

Many people when looking for a new pet go after the “rare” ones. This leads to a lot of pets being given up due to lack of interest or understanding of the pet. To help with this, awareness campaigns are run to remind people what pets are truly special.

Great Dane Pit Mix appearance

The final stage in determining the appearance of your Great Dane Pit Mix is choosing whether you want a merled or non-merled dog. Merled dogs have patterns of spots, rings, and brindle on their coats.

Merling can be seen in Labradors, German Shepherds, and other breeds. It is considered a marking feature of the breed. Spotting can be seen in some Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Non-merled dogs have a solid color coat without any patterning. These can be found in Rottweilers, Siberian Huskies, and German Shepherds. None of these breeds have spotting or merling in their coats.

What kind of coat your Great Dane Pit Mix has will depend on what genes are present in his/her makeup. If one parent has a merling gene but the other does not, then your puppy will not have a merling coat.

Great Dane Pit Mix personality

full grown great dane pit mix

A Great Dane Pit Mix dog will depend a lot on what genes it inherits. If it gets more of the Great Dane side, it will be larger and potentially more aggressive.

If it gets more of the Staffordshire Terrier side, it will be smaller and more energetic. How the dog is raised can also play a big role in its personality.

Overall, this mix is a very loyal dog with a strong sense of right and wrong. It is also very protective and would protect its family if need be. It is a friendly dog and enjoys being around people and other pets.

It is easy to train and so makes a great companion for people of all ages. This breed can sometimes be stubborn, however, so some consistency during training is key.

Great Dane Pit Mix history

full grown great dane pit mix

The Great Dane Pit Mix is a newer breed. Because it is not yet recognized by major kennel clubs, it does not have an official name. It is referred to as the Great Dane Pit Mix because of its large size and powerful build, and because it is a mix of the two breeds.

Like all dogs, this mix has some things that may trigger insecurity or fear. The Great Dane Pit Mix may have some trouble getting around due to its large size, so small dogs may seem like a threat.

It may also have some issues with housetraining due to the difference in poop habits between the two breeds. It is important to be consistent and enforce good bathroom habits to fix this.

Some things to watch out for are aggression, especially toward smaller animals like cats or other dogs. If you notice your dog behaving aggressively, take him or her to the vet! This might be a sign of something wrong.

Great Dane Pit Mix mix

full grown great dane pit mix

A very popular mixed breed is the Great Dane Pit Bull mix. This dog is usually referred to as a Labrador Retriever Pit Bull Terrier.

Because the AKC only recognizes purebred dogs, none of their registered breeds can be mixed breeds. Therefore, this dog must have characteristics of both the Great Dane and the American Pit Bull Terrier to be recognized by the AKC.

The average size of this dog is around 75 pounds and 27 inches at the shoulders. Like most dogs, this hybrid loves to eat! Nutrition is very important for growing dogs, so make sure you invest in quality food.

This breed is very loving and affectionate. They are very loyal dogs and love to be around people. They are very intelligent so training them can be easy if done in a positive manner using rewards.

They are not the best guard dogs however since they are so loving.

Great Dane Mix colors

full grown great dane pit mix

When looking for a Great Dane mix, color is always an important factor. Because of the large number of colors Great Danes come in, you are likely to find a matching color combination.

Typically, mixed breeds inherit one or two color genes from each parent species. This means that a Full-Grown Great Dane Pit Mix could be any number of colors, including all of the standard Great Dane colors!

They could be fawn with black spots, tan with ruby red lips and nose, golden bronze, black, white, or a rare merle pattern. They could also be harlequin, which has black patches over a white base coat.

The possibilities are endless! Some breeders even offer custom mixes depending on what you are looking for.

Great Dane Pitbull Mix training

full grown great dane pit mix

A large part of Great Dane Pitbull Mix training is socialization. You need to make sure your dog understands the world around him.

He needs to know how to interact with other dogs and animals. He needs to know the commands for sit, stay, come, and if he is a smart dog, he needs to learn the barrel roll!

Your dog needs to learn the word no, and what things are off-limits. For example, he must know that the kitchen counter is not allowed as far as being on it or eating from things on it.

Training must continue as he grows up so he does not become too dominant or disobedient. Heft training also helps with keeping him transitioning smoothly into new situations and environments.

He must be well-behaved at home so that he does not cause trouble when going to the vet or visiting friends and family.

Does a great dane pit mix bite?

full grown great dane pit mix

The idea of a dog bite is one of the most serious issues canines can bring. A dog bite can result in serious injuries, lawsuits, and reputation damages.

Because of this, it is important to know if a great dane pit mix bite or not. If you have a DAPit, then you do not have to worry about them biting.

They are very friendly dogs and tend to like people. However, if someone tries to hurt you or a friend or family member, they will defend you.

Their protective nature is what makes them such good guard dogs. They will let you know when someone is not allowed on the property or in the house and they will try to stop them.

They are very intelligent dogs so it is easy to train them. You just have to be clear and consistent with what you are teaching them.

Is a great dane pit mix good with kids?

full grown great dane pit mix

Yes, this dog is very good with children. However, you should watch children around the dog to make sure they respect his space and he respects theirs.

Children need to be taught how to behave around dogs. A great way to start is by learning some dog safety guidelines. These guidelines cover everything from how to approach a dog, what you should do if the dog gets out of control, and what you should not do when handling a dog.

Dogs are great companions and teach children important lessons about responsibility and empathy. But there are some things to watch out for that can put a child at risk.

One of these things is bullying. Dogs can be targets for bullying, particularly by other dogs but also by children. Teaching your children how to respect dogs will help prevent this from happening.

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