Great Dane And Pitbull Mix

There are many different dog breeds in the world, with most people having at least one of each. Some have several members of the same breed, making it even more diverse. However, there is one very popular mix that you will almost certainly see everywhere if you look hard enough — the Great Dane and pit bull mix!

Dog owners who have this combination include it as an adult dog or a puppies. All dogs from both species need to be sure they are socialized together when they are adults so they can get along well outside of the pack!

The two canine species combine to make some incredible examples of purebred animals. Both parents must be clear about how to handle other animals, and their genetics must be known before the couple can start breeding. This makes it very difficult to find suitable partners for these dogs, which sometimes means pets may not live long with their new owners.

Luckily, there are many benefits to owning a Great Dane and pit bull mix! Here we will talk about what those are, and how to care for your puppy.

Health and safety

great dane and pitbull mix

When deciding whether to mix-breed or not, it is important to consider health. Just because two different breeds are designed to be together does not mean they will get along in real life.

Both dogs mentioned in this article were born within weeks of each other and raised by the same owners under similar conditions. They both experienced early socialization and learned how to interact with other animals.

Because of these similarities, their mental and psychological development was mostly unaffected which makes them more likely to get along with each other. This could potentially create some kind of bonding experience for the puppies when they meet in person as adults.

However, even if one dog seems friendly towards the other, you should still do your research before bringing them home together. There may be legal restrictions on owning both types of dogs at the same time. Some states require rabies vaccinations for any new canine companions!

In addition to that, there can be serious health risks involved when interacting with unknown dogs. The size difference between the dogs can make things very dangerous for the smaller breed if the bigger dog decides to play.

History of the mix

great dane and pitbull mix

The first known picture of a dog combination that people talk about being a great dane and pit bull is from 1895. The two dogs were photographed together at an exhibition in Vienna, Austria.

The photographer behind the pictures was Anton Schmidl. He had a total of five photographs taken of the pair including one with both dogs sitting down.

Since then, many different breeds have been mixed with either the pit bulls or the danes to create new breeds. Some of these hybrids are even recognized by major kennel clubs!

A lot of these mixes exist today and some even rise to popularity. For example, the American Kennel Club (AKC) officially recognizes several hybrid breeds such as the Labrador-German Shepherd and the Labradoodle which is just a pure bred German shepherd with a curly coat.

There’s also the French Bulldog/Boxer cross which is sometimes referred to as a Boxenpygmy. These dogs can be large, around 65 pounds but they usually only grow up to 50 kilograms so they are not too big for their breed.

Difference between a mix and a pitbull

great dane and pitbull mix

A lot of people get confused about what difference there is between a mix and a pit bull. They believe that if you have a dog that doesn’t look like a pure breed, then it must be a pit bull!

This isn’t true at all. Many dogs are not bred purely for appearance. For example, most Labrador retrievers do not have long hair nor do they have large heads or big paws.

But even though these features aren’t necessarily inherited, many owners feel that they can tell whether or not a Lab is a pure-bred one just by looking at them.

With a mix, this kind of thing happens more often. Breeders will take any type of dog and crossbreed them with another breed to create something new. These hybrids are usually considered part of their parent breeds due to being founded on those traits.

However, because they are mixed up, some characteristics may be different from the original breed.

Mix and pitbulls are similar

great dane and pitbull mix

There is an assumption that if you mix two dogs of different breeds, they will not get along. This is false!

Many people believe that because two different dog breeds do not look or sound the same that it will be difficult to train them as companions or for competitions.

This belief is wrong!

A great dane and a pit bull breed are both large dogs with strong muscles and powerful legs. When paired together, these traits can cause problems.

When training your new pair, make sure to use the right commands and tone patterns. You may have to go through several rounds before the dogs understand what is wanted.

Know the signs of aggression

great dane and pitbull mix

If you are considering adding a dog to your family, make sure you understand how different breeds can behave around each other. Aggression is very serious, so it’s important to be able to recognize the warning signs before they escalate into something more.

Dog breed differences contribute to some level of aggressive behavior between dogs, but only if both animals feel that their owner does not control them or give in to bad habits. Unfortunately, these types of behaviors usually tip over the line for the aggressor when there is no understanding of what made him/her angry in the first place.

It is very difficult to predict whether an individual puppy will become overly excited about a new dog, but as this puppy grows up he may encounter another dog who makes his nerves get short circuited. This could then result in uncontrollable barking, snarling, or even biting.

Keep your dog on a leash

great dane and pitbull mix

A lot of people believe that if you have a large breed dog, then it is okay to let them off the leash in a park or public area. This is not true!

Dog breeds such as the great dane and pit bull are known for their strong bonds with other animals and humans. If this bond does not exist, than these dogs can become dangerous when free.

Not only could they hurt another animal, but they could also injure someone else. Both very deadly behaviors.

So why should you keep your dog leashed? Because it will help prevent any injuries to yourself, or others.

Other reasons include legal concerns, socialization issues, and basic good manners.

Take your dog to the vet

great dane and pitbull mix

Before you decide whether or not to mix breeds, make sure you have done thorough research into both dogs’ health conditions. Both very popular types of dogs can be life-saving for owners if they are screened by the right veterinarian at the appropriate time.

Some specific medical issues that can arise from mixing different breed groups include:

Urine problems in either species due to inherited differences in body chemistry

Separation anxiety (where one animal is scared of the other)

Conflict when sharing food or water

Destructive behaviors such as chewing or digging

If any of these occur, it is important to identify what symptoms exist before deciding whether or not to combine pets.

Certain traits are positive, like the friendly nature between two animals who enjoy each other’s company. However, some pairings may not work out due to fundamental behavioral differences.

Mixes are very loyal

Even if you have to separate them for a while, they will be extremely persistent when it comes time to re-join each other. They are also protective of their loved ones! As with any breed, there’s always going to be some dogs that aren’t quite right. A lot of people think that because a dog is not socialized at an early age then he or she won’t be able to be successful as a pet. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Many times, a non-socializer becomes so attached to a friend or family member that they forget about housetraining and basic commands. Sometimes these dogs get away with things due to their overconfidence but eventually they find themselves without a home.

If you’re looking to adopt a dog, make sure you do your research first.

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