Great Dane Mixed With Pitbull

There are many different dog breeds in the world, with most people having at least one of each. Some have several of the same breed as they like to call them or need for work!

But what if we looked beyond our normal boundaries? What if we mixed up two completely different dogs that probably wouldn’t match together normally?

A great dane is a large, powerful hunting canine that was bred around the 16th century. They are known for their strong jaw, protective nature, and very loyal companionship. A pit bull is also a type of bully terrier which can be aggressive towards other animals and humans.

So why not combine these two lovely dogs into one? And how would this hybrid look? Let’s find out!

General Appearance

Both a great dane and a pit bull are medium-sized dogs. The great danes average about 55-65 pounds (25–30 kg) while a typical pit bull weighs around 50 lbs (23 kg). This means your new pup will be somewhere in between those numbers.

However, both still retain some similarities in appearance. Both have long legs, rounded ears, and either a short or tall body shape.


The coloration of both the great dane and the pit bull is unique and beautiful. Almost every individual has different shades and patterns of fur and features, making each one special.

History of the great dane

great dane mixed with pitbull

The great dane is an interesting breed that has had many phases in its history. Originally, they were just large dogs used for hunting. As time passed, people started breeding these powerful dogs to be more friendly and protective.

The word “great” comes from the Old English term geweorc or gearwisc, which means armor or protection. These dogs protected their owners by guarding them while at work or during travel.

In the 17th century, Denmark bred tawny colored great danes with shorter hair to use as guarddogs or police dogs. They became very popular and are still well known today!

Great Danes remained rare until the 19th century when King William IV (the German) ordered several pairs made for his private collection. His children grew attached to them and wanted to keep them so he gave away only one pair to be trained as a companion dog. This new owner named him Willie and the two stayed close friends up till the death of his owner almost twenty years later.

Since then, the great dane has become one of the most famous breeds around the world. It is said that anyone can train a good guardian dog but it takes a lot of dedication to teach your puppy how to connect with you.

History of the pitbull

great dane mixed with pitbull

The American dog breed, the pit bull, is one of the most controversial dogs in the world. Many people claim that these dogs are gentle and loving, but this isn’t always the case.

In fact, many argue that it is irresponsible to keep a pit bull as a pet because they can be dangerous when threatened or startled.

However, there is some truth to the myth about these dogs being friendly and protective.

Many believe that since pits were bred for work than to be playful, then they must be good with children. This couldn’t be further from the truth though.

Pit bulls are known to be very territorial and protective of things such as toys and food, but kids are usually not considered part of those things.

When confronted by an adult, a pit bull will almost always protect them even if the protection is deadly. However, unless you know how to handle a pit bull, we recommend leaving the room until the situation has been resolved.

Mixing dogs

great dane mixed with pitbull

There are many different types of dog mixes, with several variations within those categories! Although some mix breeds together without any problems, others may not work as well due to differences in breed characteristics.

Dog owners must do their research before bringing home a new puppy or cat. Just because one mixed breed is seen at the park every Sunday does not mean they will make the best companion for you!

Some behaviors that can be difficult to deal with include: barking, chewing, mounting, nipping, jumping up, and digging. All of these things can cause serious trouble if your dog is trained and you notice signs like the ones mentioned.

History tells us that most dogs are able to learn how to behave around other animals, but it can take a while! Be sure to give your dog plenty of time to get used to them.

Health concerns

great dane mixed with pitbull

There are several health risks that can be posed by mixing different dog breeds together. More frequent vaccinations, nutritional issues and disease exposure all contribute to poor overall health for your dogs.

Inter-species diseases can be transmitted through saliva, vomit or feces. For example, when working dogs meet at the shelter, they may share food which is sometimes leftover meat from before.

When one dog is much larger than another, it becomes difficult for their lungs to breathe properly. This is what happens when you look into a window with a large glass pane – the bigger dog has to work harder to get enough air. When this occurs frequently, it can have negative effects on their health.

Certain types of dogs are naturally heavier than others. A dog who was not designed to carry extra weight may suffer harmful consequences due to its size. For instance, heart problems can occur if your dog is very obese.

Given how close dogs’ noses are to their mouths, any illness carried in the nose can easily spread to them. If a heavy dog coughs or sneezes, there is a higher chance it will spray mucus containing infectious agents.

These agents can enter through your dog’s mouth and potentially infect another animal or person.

Behavior concerns

great dane mixed with pitbull

The behavior issues that you may encounter with a mixed breed dog are very specific to each individual animal. Some dogs are more active than others, some like to chase or play fetch, and some need frequent exercise to stay happy and comfortable.

Some of these activity levels can be adjusted as the dog grows up. For example, young puppies will require longer walks to burn off all their energy. As your dog gets older, you can reduce the length of time for every level to match his/her body condition.

When giving an outdoor walk to a puppy, make sure there aren’t any safety precautions needed. These could include curbing, fences, or other obstructions. If there are none of those, make sure someone is around to watch over the pup!

For the energetic types, you can place them in activities or training classes at a younger age so they don’t overexert themselves when given free access to the park or field. This way they won’t risk hurting themselves or getting into fights with another dog.

As the dog matures, he may not need as much exercise, which is okay! A tired dog can become sick or give up due to lack of sleep, so it’s important to understand how much energy different breeds needs. In addition, if a dog doesn’t get enough exercise, he can develop health problems such as weight gain or obesity.

Equipment needed


When deciding what breed to get, make sure you have done your research! You want to be certain that these two breeds can get along and work for you as friends or as companions.

Making the wrong choice could potentially result in more problems later on. For example, if you choose the wrong dog at first, it may not feel like it, but they both need close attention and engagement of mind and body so this would very likely cause too much stress for the animal.

This could lead to separation anxiety or depression which would only get worse as time goes by. These dogs are dependent on humans, so making mistakes with them is extremely dangerous.

Never underestimate the importance of having a good mental state before bringing home new fur relatives!

When looking into potential great dane pit bull mixes, look up pictures and read reviews. People’s experiences will help determine whether or not this combination seems safe and stable.

Start a rescue

great dane mixed with pitbull

Even if you do not have much money, great dane mix dogs can be saved and trained to live with other breeds. There are many organizations that offer help for dog owners in training their dogs or finding a new home for an existing dog.

It is important to understand that most likely your dog has limited socialization due to being separated from others of its breed.

Some dogs need more time to adjust to living with other animals so it is helpful to look into rehoming agencies before deciding to put down your dog. Most agency workers are experienced in this area too!

Many people find success by working with neutral-tempered dogs first like Golden Retrievers or Lab mixes. A lot of times these types of dogs need less time to warm up to other dogs.

Know your dog

great dane mixed with pitbull

Even if you think your dog is the greatest, that doesn’t mean other people will agree. There are many different types of dogs, with lots of variations in personality. A great way to ensure the success of your new friend is by knowing your dog.

You should spend some time getting to know your canine companion – his or her behaviors, likes and dislikes, as well as how he or she reacts to things. This way, you’ll be more prepared for any potential issues!

Making friends can get tricky, but being familiar with your pooch will help keep him or her calm and put others at ease. Before bringing home your new furry buddy, make sure you have a place that feels comfortable to relax and read, and where you do not need special equipment to manage sleep.

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